Saturday, December 10, 2011

KO SOO-leidoscope 2011 : Life and Love (part 2)

Written by Wid Kosoo

Back in the game!

Well, we were off in months since July so this particular Part 2 contains more pics and news than its previous edition. Don’t think anyone would mind about that, hahaha.  So please enjoy more of his hotness, angels.


Busy month for Ko Soo since his new movie 'The Frontline' (Gojijeon) was finally out! The VIP Premiere, stage greetings all over the country, many events to attend... and still he looked so stunning in every red carpet! Not only that.. we, Ko Soo fans, been spoiled by his TV interviews and appearances in many world class magazines such as Bazaar, GQ, 1st Look, 21, Movieweek, etc.

But there’s one particular Gojijeon stage greeting event that I want to share about. See the thing in Ko Soo’s hand? That’s a photobook created by Ko Soo Thailand FC. And there’s a pic of Wid Kosoo in there, hahaha. I know I know, I’m from Indonesia FC but there’s no way I’d missed that chance. In the end of the day, now A’a Ko Soo has my pic. Thanks to Petra and Nuch for making that happened :D


Good news for Ko Soo (and Gojijeon crew, for sure) : The Frontline reached 3 million viewers! Commercial success is a rare thing for an award-winning genre movie, especially a war flick like Gojijeon in the middle of hot issue of South and North lately, so congratz! Ko Soo and Shin Ha Kyun made a Thank You Fanmeet to celebrate. Another news to celebrate came in the end of August: South Korea picked ‘The Front Line’ for foreign language film at the 84th Academy Awards. Yey, Ko Soo is going to Hollywood !! And since Ko Soo is now a face of CJ Foods, he starred many Beksul CFs. Hmm double yums...


Cheerful September ! Ko Soo was busy with his Merrel ‘Let’s Go Outside’ activity: photoshoot for Merrel’s autumn-winter catalogue, mountain hiking with fans, signing session etc. And an angelic-heart Ko Soo and other top stars come together to help African children through a charity event called the ‘Rainbow Project’, he donated some of his memorable clothes for the auction.

-to be continued-

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  1. Hi Wid Kosoo! No part 3 yet of the Ko Soo snapshot for 2011? I'm truly looking forward to it! Anyway, I read a good news, that he is getting married this February 17th. Is this true? If so, I am absolutely sure it is with Ms. Kim Hye Yeon, right? Wow, I would be looking forward to seeing pictures and hearing news about them as a couple from you. - emgphils

  2. hi emgphils! thanks for being a loyal reader of my KO SOO-leidoscope 2011 : Life and Love. Really really sorry for the late edition. we're facing the blogger trouble here. so I had to post it as part 3-4-5 haha. hope you'll understand. And about your question, yes, he's getting married. I have his personal handwritten letter about his marriage here, please check on my latest post. thanks, dear!