Gojiejon AKA Battle of Hills (2011)

Towards the end of the Korean War an uneasy ceasefire is ordered, but out on the Eastern front line of the Aerok Hills fierce fighting continues. A race to capture a strategic point to determine a new border between the two Koreas is the ultimate prize.

A bullet is then found in the body of dead company commander of the South Korean army. The bullet that killed the company commander belongs to the South Korean army. Lieutenant of the Defense Security Command Kang Eun-Pyo (Shin Ha-Kyun) is ordered to go out into the Eastern front line and investigate the murder. When Kang Eun-Pyo arrives in the Aerok Hills he is surprised to find his old friend Kim Soo-Hyuk (Ko Soo) commanding troops in the Aerok Hills. Kang Eun-Pyo believed Kim Soo-Hyuk was dead.

In their younger years, Kim Soo-Hyuk was a meek student, but he eventually became the leader of Aerok company as a lieutenant. The situation in the Aerok company raises many flags in the eyes of Kang Eun-Pyo. Soldiers wear North Korean uniforms inside due to the cold weather, a 20-year-old leads troops as a captain and the reappearance of his old friend Kim Soo-Hyuk. The countdown to the ceasefire begins as the lives of countless soldiers fall to the wayside ...


Psychic AKA Haunters (2010)

Gyu Nam(Ko Soo) is a young man with a positive attitude who holds fast to his righteous believes. Willing to make a living in harsh conditions. Worked in a junkyard, a deep sea fishing port and a fish market. Then he goes into the pawnshop industry and runs into debts. Finally, he works in a corporate office and meets the psychic who could manipulate people with his eyes. He is different from others as he is not affected by the psychic's (Kang Dong Won) power. He hits back at the psychic as he lost a friend who had a bad encounter with the psychic.

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Into The White Night (2009)

A pawnbroker is found murdered in a remote town in a derelict building. three people come under suspicion but all of them have perfect alibis and the investigation comes to a standstill. Almost fifteen years pass and the lead inspector decides to reinvestigate. Fifteen years earlier, the victim’s son, Yo Han (Ko Soo) killed his father to save his beloved from being raped by him. And the girl , Yoo Mi Hoo (So Yei Jin) killed her mother when she found out the boy had killed his father. For fifteen years, the boy has been eliminating anyone that tries to interfere with her life. He exists as a shadow, requiring nothing from her in return. She knows what he has done for her sake but looks away from it. As their love grows, more crimes happen. As their sin grows, the inspector’s chase comes closer to them.

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Some (2004)

Close to $10 million of illegal drugs, intended to be presented as evidence in court, is stolen from the police as they are transporting it to the station. The police name as a suspect the man in charge of transporting the evidence, Section Chief Oh (Kang Shin-il) of the violent crimes division, and an investigation begins. However, a younger colleague Kang Sung-joo (Ko Soo) who believes that Section Chief Oh is innocent pursues another suspect in hopes of finding the criminal. In a car chase with the suspect, who is driving under the influence of drugs, there is a car crash and the suspect is killed. By tracing phone numbers on the dead man's mobile phone, Sung-joo continues to pursue the investigation, however the next suspect he follows is also killed, and the incident becomes shrouded in mystery.
At the same time, while investigating Sung-joo gets to know a friend of one of the suspects, traffic reporter Seo Yu-jin (Song Ji-hyo).Although they are meeting for the first time, both of them get the odd sense that the other person is not unfamiliar, that they have seen each other before. What's more, Yu-jin in a flash of deja-vu sees Sung-joo get killed.

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