Wednesday, January 19, 2011

‘ Ko Soo, “Ha Ji Won is my ideal woman” ’ is buzzing again

Article by Newsen
Translated by Wid Kosoo

Handsome actor Ko Soo’s words that his ideal woman is Ha Ji Won has become a hot topic again.

Last August 27, in one particular episode of MBC ‘TV Entertainment Section ' a reporter interviewed  Ko Soo in the middle of Sony CF shooting. He asked, “Among all of your acting partners, who’s your most ideal woman?”
“Ha Ji Won is my ideal woman,” Ko Soo confessed frankly.

So now people has been focused on a music video of singer Louis Ha ‘Tears’ (2001),  because Ko Soo and Ha Ji Won were team up as a couple there.


Fans of Ko Soo and Ha Ji Won in online communities remarked on the idea of them being together.
“We’re really wanting the combination of those two”, “Really love how their eyes are staring at each other”, “Even in dark melodrama, if Ko Soo and Ha Ji Won were together I’ll be on top of the world” are reactions of fans who expect that both of them would act together.

Meanwhile, Ha Ji Won is at the peak of her popularity because of the high rating SBS drama 'Secret Garden', and ‘Ko Soo Frenzy’ is creating a popular new phrase ‘Ko Soo Syndrome’.

Additional : this year both Ko Soo and Ha Ji Won are filming action movie , Ko Soo for "Battle of Highland" (Gojijeon) and Ha Ji Won for "Sector 7", both film are the most anticipated films for year 2011. 

Ha Ji Won in "Sector 7"


  1. funny, in SECRET GARDEN, director Im handed a script to Gil Ra Im (ha jiwon) for her next movie to work on. that script was entitled 'sector 7'. never thought it was a real movie.^_^

  2. i like there tandem 2,,i hope they will make a movie or a serie 2gether...

  3. waiting for there tandem again yeepey yehhey of ko soo and ha ji won

  4. i like them both,,waiting for there new drama,,i was confuse what ha ji won reaction,about ko soo says,ha ji won is my ideal woman