Monday, February 14, 2011

Tonight's Love

By : Nonie

Love is in the air, lovers meet at February 14th. I wonder what Ko Soo and Ha Ji Won 's doing during this lover's day. Do they have their own date ? Or they make a move like fans hope?
Although Ko Soo is not the only admire but it seems there are many Ha Ji Won's fans who hope them end up together.

More than thousand people recently visited our blog these few days and all they searched was the article about Ko Soo and Ha Ji Won. It's surprising how Ko Soo who had no gossip suddenly become the  on the top search because of what he said last year.

Honestly there are the best part of Ko Soo and Ha Ji Won that I love most : Their eyes, they both have moist eyes, it makes my heart beat so fast only to imagine how wonderful their eyes if they meet in each other.


  1. Thanks again nonie, its very touching! both of them rarely has any gossip yet they are bought together by fans like us!We are longing for one drama or a movie, pls make it happen!

  2. I think we should say it loud but unfortunately I don't have enough materials to talk more about them snip..snip..

  3. yes its true nonie ,unless its happening.Some how, somewhere or somewhat destiny n fate play apart,working on a drama or a movie together ...guess patience become reality.