Friday, December 2, 2011

KO SOO-leidoscope 2011 : Life and Love (part 1)

Written by Wid Kosoo

The end of this year is near,  so I want to make a recap of Ko Soo's moments in 2011. After all, I think this is a great year for Ko Soo. His movie is going well, now he's spokeperson for various products, starring in many CF and mentioned as 'CF God', appeared in many world class magazines, looked more stunning than ever in numerous red carpet events, but most of all.. he finally found  love.                                                        

What's buzzing in January? None other than Ko Soo - Ha Ji Won! Remember when Ko Soo mentioned her name in MBC interview as his ideal woman? Well, that statement caused fans frenzy for months coz they're dying to see their collaboration in movie or drama. Plus the idea about Ko Soo and Ha Ji Won as a couple is real life sounds very tempting to fans.


People call it 'the month of love'... so fans were really determined about Ko Soo - Ha Ji Won as real duo. Somehow Ha Ji won's fans saw Ko Soo as the eligible bachelor that fitted Ha Ji Won the most. And in the end of the day, her fans who learnt about how wonderful Ko Soo is then turned into his fans as well, hehe. There's a lot of articles and artworks about these two gorgeous people and how they 'have to end up together'. Well, not that easy though. Ha Ji Won said that her type is Taecyeon 2PM while Ko Soo.... finally found his real love.


In this month Ko Soo was breaking many hearts in universe when there's rumor that Ko Soo is no longer available. Ko Soo was in New Zealand when the rumor spreaded and HB entertainment -his former agency- said they didn't know about the fact that there's a lady in Ko Soo's life. And here came our knight in shining armor, Ko Soo, revealed about his dating status (He could give a vague answer or tell lies, but he stated it loud and clear! How brave he is. Love him even much). Her girlfriend is miss Kim Hye Yeon, a lovely 22 years old art college student.


The truth was hard... too many broken hearts left him for good. Even his agency HB Entertainment decided not to renew their contract with Ko Soo. Ko Soo Japan Official Fans Club has closed due to that decision. But Free Agent status ain't bother him, Ko Soo stayed calm and positive. He became the first korean celeb who visited Japan after the great disaster, despite the earthquake and tsunami warning. His Sony and HanaBank CFs won many awards, longlasting contracts with Merrel and Comodo Square, plus chosen as a face of NarangD Cider.


Finally, Lee Byung Hun's BH Entertainment confirmed that Ko Soo had signed an exclusive contract joining this management agency, along with many stars including his best friend Bae Soo Bin. BH Ent is a respectful agency well known as a warm happy family. They are confident about Ko Soo by projecting the overseas market for him. He learns Japanese, English and Mandarin to support their go-international plan. Ko Soo in Hollywood? Ooh just can't wait!


As a ‘CF God’, Ko Soo had chosen to represent CJ premium label, a major name in Korean food industry. And as an actor, life is also good. Ko Soo's movie 'Psycic' invited in many international film festival such as Berlin, New York, Vancouver etc. A unique theme, famous actors and explosive actings from both Ko Soo and Kang Dong Won accepted very good responses from medias and spectators. In Mise-en Scene Film Festival Ko Soo had appointed to be a judge, proving his well known capability in movie production.

To be continued..


  1. Nice recap! summarizing Ko Soo's 2011 achievements and memorable events is absolutely an awesome idea!! can't wait for the 2nd part!!

  2. Hi! Under the Ko Soo filmography category, if I am not mistaken, you missed one drama Ko Soo did with SBS in 2003, My Fair Lady (with Ms. Kim Hee-sun).

  3. hi anonymous.. (haha sorry I don't know your name), thanks for appreciating my KO SOO-leidoscope 2011. We're facing blogger-trouble here to post part 2, so please wait patiently. thanks!

  4. Hi to you too.. :) you're right about the filmography thingy, we missed that drama. I'll tell Nonie KIF webmaster about it. thanks for your attention.

  5. Hi widkosoo! thanks for the 2nd part. I bet the 3rd part (last quarter of 2011) would be juicer than the rest... I will surely wait for it! I wish you can also insert news about how he celebrated his birthday last October 4, can't find anything about that anywhere. though i understand Ko Soo is really a very private person (for a celebrity, that's amazing). Can't post comment under disqus and I'm having trouble with my google account right now so i posted as anonymous in the meantime. sorry for that, didn't mean to be mysterious (hahaha!)... and thanks for considering the missed drama. - from emgphils

  6. hi emgphils..
    thanks for your enthusiasm, appreciated! sure Part 3 'd be juicer :) patiently waiting, please! can't promise anything about his bday, though.. The thing is, we can't upload many pics in this KIF site due to copyright issue but see what I can do, OK?
    thanks and take care!