Go Soo was born in Choong Nam Noon San, South Korea  October 4th 1978. He has one older brother. He was educated at Sang Myung University, where he studied acting. After high school graduation but before attending university, Go Soo travelled to Seoul to find his fortune.

He was first seen in a softdrink TV advertisement wherein he waits for his girlfriend in a curfew and, in 1998, appeared as an extra in a music video, the band Position's "Last Promise". He made his first step onto television in 1999, where his handsome appearance and cute smile reminded the audience of Cho Hyeon Jae and Ji Sung. He also drew critical praise: when he appeared in the drama series Piano in 2001, one review described him as an "actor with precision". Piano has been his first drama series produced by SBS, where he was asked to sign a contract. After this, all of his dramas are SBS-produced.

Go had his first movie hit in 2004 as a drug crime officer in "Some": the first film in which he performed his own stunts. In 2005, he starred in action-packed TV series Green Rose, playing a simple man who fell in love with a rich woman and was accused of a crime he didn't commit. Green Rose was shot in both China and South Korea.In 2005, Go was awarded the New Star Award at the 42nd Daejong Festival.After playing wholesome and simple roles in teledramas, he appeared topless in a cellphone TV advertisement. He is macho in his appereance as he taked care of his body by working out and playing sports.