Il Dae Il (1:1) - Ju Ju Club

Albatross - Diki

Storm by Yi Hyeon Du

Letter by Position

I hope you will find

It's Steve Yoo Seung Jun song, from his album : Over and Over Again 


"Tears" sung by  Luey, this is Ko Soo MV along with Han Ji Won (Damo, Hwang Jin Hyi), the album release in 2001, Ko Soo's hair reminds me when he acted in "Piano". The song is about a Korean student who studies in Japan, Kim Tae Won (based on true story), his girl friend died in plane crash on 12th  August 1985. JAL 747 carried 524 passengers and crews. On the flight from Haneda airport to Osaka, the plane crash only few minutes after take off. 

Last Promise

Go Soo's first MV, along with him is Kim Han Neul and his senior Jo Jae Hyun ( recently he acted in "New Heart") who later both of them act together along Go Soo in his memorable drama : "Piano" . 

Sad Gift

It's Kim Jang Hoon's song, from his 5Th album : Fool. The album is released in 1999, so that's the reason why Ko Soo looks so young in this MV. Along with Ko Soo is Lee Eun Joo (RIP), she acted in Phoenix, Bungee Jumping of Our Own, and Scarlette Letter, the last film brought Lee Eun Joo to a sad decision, she suicided on February 22nd 2005 at age 24.

Burying My Face In Tears

It's Jang Nara's song. I didn't know she is a singer since I have seen her only in the drama and film. I even saw her in Chinese film. One of her drama that I love most is : "My Love Patzzi".
This song is from her 1st album: "First Story" released in 2001, no wonder Ko Soo looks so young in this MV. BTW I love the song, love the violin in the background.

Left Alone

Left Alone is a song of Lee Soo Young, a Korean female ballade singer. Ko Soo and Gong Hyo Jin  (she acted in "Pasta", "Sang Do Let's Go to School) are featured in this MV. Beside Gong Hyo Jin , there is another female actress/model along Ko Soo unfortunately we can't find any document about her name.