Thursday, December 8, 2011

Interview with Son Ye Jin :"Not too close with KO SOO ? Are you watching, my brother!"

She clarified her buzzing statement 'I'm not too close with Ko Soo': Were you seeing him?
"Oh, sort of." (laughs)

She is Son Ye-jin, a colder than ice femme fatale yet hot like a fire in her movie 'Baekyahaeng' aka 'White Night'.

Platonic relationship with KO SOO ? What's up with the buzzing statement?


In acting world, there's some match down of actors to portray their characters best. In particular, Ko Soo and Son Ye-Jin in 'White Night' as a femme fatale Yumi.

"The shooting of 'White Night' was the hardest work ever. Yumi's character is a two-faces woman. With Ko Soo in 'White Night' we couldn't meet often since there's only few scenes to shot together. So we couldn't talk much. It was very difficult to get to know each other."

"Wait, let me have this opportunity to explain what happened. I appeared on the radio and somehow said that I'm closer with Lee Min Ki than with Ko Soo, then I saw the article about it. Looks like there's a misunderstanding about my words. What I mean is with Min Ki (when filming 'Chilling Romance') we met frequently so the intimate feeling occurred more quickly than with Ko Soo (when filming 'White Night'). Because Ko Soo didn't want to dismantle the feeling of his character so he created the wall between us. My brother Ko Soo, are you watching! I want an opportunity in the future to work with you once more. As very intimate character (laughs)."

WID : I remember that in one particular interview, SYJ said during White Night shooting days Ko Soo was always sitting alone in the dark corner and didn't say anything to anyone. It's his acting method to feel the loneliness of Yohan, his character. Ko Soo and SYJ were getting closer when they promoted White Night... up to now, I guess :)

Nonie : And here's one of the interview, which ....what should I say, they look comfortable to each other, and as a result the chemistry between them on the screen is great although there is no romantic scene at all.

via ntn translated by Wid Kosoo


  1. glad to hear about this closeness... hope they can film together again. they look cute together@

  2. Guess they're even closer than we know hahaha.. do I hear fans frenzyyy, KSYJ supporters ??? :D

  3. Hope that I translated the article right :P Sorry I'm so lacking in Korean.

  4. I think if we can see toghether in movie or drama, as a principal couble it would be wonderfull!