Friday, March 4, 2011

Mix Face result : KO SOO

Translated in English by : Wid Ko Soo
Via : tvdaily

Won Bin - Nichkhun - Kang Dong Won, the mix of their faces looks like 'truly gentleman KO SOO'

The average’ faces of Won Bin, Nichkhun, and Kang Dong Won become a hot topic.

Recently, the bulletin board of internet portal site was showing some pictures of Won Bin, Nichkhun, and Kang Dong Won. Their faces were strangely superimposed over each other, to measure how their ‘average’ faces (which are handsome) would be the superior one.

Netizens saw the photo and showed a variety of reactions : “He looks like Ko Soo”, “whatta a good looking guy”, “Seems like a mix of their best part of face.”

Wid Ko Soo said :

(hehe lucu ya, tiga orang ganteng digabung kok bisa keliatan mirip ko soo...
means Ko Soo gantengnya tiga kuadrat, gitu? atau tiap2 kelebihan dari tampang tiga aktor itu ada di wajah ko soo? hihiihi)

Nonie said :

(Yang pasti mah Ko Soo is the hottest star ever, HJW apa enggak ngiler tuh, he...he...he)


  1. Harusnya sih ngiler... coz he's just too awesome inside and out :)
    Tapi kebayang ga sih kalo mereka sekarang ketemuan, dan masing2 feeling awkward..
    mana Ko Soo tuh pemalu dan pendiam pula, makin speechless aja ngkali di depan HJW, hihihi.

  2. Kalau aku menyaksikan kejadian itu, ahh sigana I can't hold my tears, saking enak nya ngetawain...hi...hi....hi

  3. Don't worry, Mbak Wid, he is a shy guy but above all uri SG is a real pro. He would act as awesome as usual when he has to do the romantic scene with HJW. I just hope the dramagod would let us having that dream to come true. :D.

    Tia lagi :D

  4. Hey,Hey Bahasa indonesia....Sikit saya faham banyak tak i right!Why mention HJW ..if they were to act together i'm sure it will explode..their first mv already so pro. hoping for a great love n happy ending story .I 'm listening to his lovely voice,so calming.Can i hv the name of this poem you are playing on your blog, thanks !KSIFC

  5. ck, the title is "I'll be happy", if you want to listen to other Ko Soo's poem recite you can type in search tab : "poem"

  6. @Nonie : hihihi kebayang betapa imutnya Ko Soo saat malu2 begitu...
    @Tia : no doubt about it, they're so pro in their job, but I'm talking about how the situation would be when it comes to the personal life, with there's no scenario nor script, bet he's gonna be speechless and wouldn't know what to do hahaha :D
    @CK : so you're speaking Malay? awesome !

  7. Wid, yes i do but most are forgotten cos no interaction...Its like couple who are in love, they are normal human being only difference is they are public figure .Oh you worry too much once they started KO SOO will noe what to do,he just hv to make the first move TAK MAlU yeh!When I meet him in real I will be malu, he is so handsome with those killers eyes!

  8. Haha the first move wouldn't be hard, I think.. but the rest, guess it's gonna killing him :D Ooow now I'm picturing all the 'shy and nervous' signature of him... so cuteeee!