Monday, March 14, 2011

Merrel CF

Translated in English by : Wid Ko Soo

March 10, actor Ko Soo officially revealed his relationship through his agency’s press release.

The rumors about Ko Soo’s relationship were spreading on March 8, and the acknowledgment is given after the universal attention. Ko Soo was in New Zealand at the time so he couldn’t confirm the relationship rumor that had surfaced.

HB Entertainment, Ko Soo’s agency told the media that “Ko Soo was filming the CF in New Zealand and unable to confirm, but he arrived in Korea on March 10 and has officially announced his relationship status via press release."

Ko Soo was filming Merrel Outdoor Brand CF for the last two days in New Zealand. This Merrel CF contains the dynamic aspects of New Zealand with Ko Soo as its model. The CF will air on TV early April. 

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