Tuesday, March 15, 2011

KO SOO “My girlfriend is 11 years younger... We’re not married yet”

Translated in English by Wid Kosoo
 An article by : Star News

Actor Ko Soo disclosed the fact that he and his girlfriend are not married yet, but happily told that he’s not hiding his plan to.

In a telephone interview with Star News on March 14 days, Ko Soo said, "I think you're all wondering about the fact that I admitted." The press release of his agency revealed that “A long time friend of Ko Soo introduced him to this lady and they recently developed a good relationship.”

Ko Soo’s girlfriend is in college art. “She’s 11 years younger than me,”he said. The fact that his girlfriend visited him a few times on the filming set of Gojijeon was spreading into the relationship rumors outside.

In the meantime, Ko Soo wasn’t hiding the truth that he has a girlfriend nor telling lies about his relationship, but became known publicly announced straight after he was returning from New Zealand, and his announcement attracted attention.

Ko Soo said, “We were keeping the relationship in silence, and let people guess.” His agency handled everything and he’s not worried about it as long as it’s not hurting him or his girlfriend. Yet it maintained the "agency perspective, but we would not have been forced to do so," he was defending.

Ko Soo admitted that he heard about the spreading rumors that he planned to marry in April to May and the reason why it’s so early. Ko Soo said, “She has no relation or connections to the entertainment world so I've been very cautious about announcing it to the press,” but he added, “There’s no wedding plans yet. If it’s so, again, I will tell you exactly.”

Ko Soo seems very happy about his current love and laughing all the time over the phone. “Haha,” he said, “Gojijeon is not finished yet. I’m still tired and really need a little rest.”

"But even I’m so tired, I still want to meet her,” he continually asked a pleasant laugh. “It’s a good thing to meet her, so wonderful.”

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