Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ko Soo : Ha Ji Won is my ideal type (LOL)

By : KIF  Team

Few months ago, media has published again Ko Soo's statement about Ha Ji Won as his ideal type. For a shy Ko Soo, his statement made us a little bit shock yet amused, since it sounds that he spreads his own gossip. 

But it seems our Ko Soo is in very good mood to shock his fans (LOL). Not long after his statement, the media has spread the rumor that he is dating a college student and she is not someone from entertainment industry. And today, March 10th 2010, he reveals his relationship to public. From the way Ko Soo admits loudly that he dated someone, it sound that the wedding bell will be heard soon.

As  fans honestly we feel sad. We are not sure why but somehow, we know that those beautiful eyes will look at the woman he truly loves and it is not an act.

For a moment it will be difficult to see him in a romantic scene, and  we are sure Ko Soo will be very carefully to choose his role. Luckily Ko Soo's recent films are not romantic film, that's a relief... for the time being. (LOL)

Now about the other fans, generally at the beginning they will be sad, like us  since something change. Some perhaps disappointed as Ko Soo, few months ago still said that he had no plan to get married soon, although he added that marriage was not something you want and you get it. You never knew when you met the right person. Now, Ko Soo has met the right person, and some fans may leave him or perhaps love him more for his courage to reveal loudly his relationship.

KIF is some of fans who loves him more for his brave confession. It means, our Ko Soo is a nice person on and off. He understands the risk but he still goes on, this part  he is so "Im Gyu Nam". We will continue to support him, since we don't only love him as an actor but also as a person.

Congratulation Ko Soo ssie , we wish you a beautiful love with her....


  1. ha ji won is a very talented actress in korea. appearance on Korean television drama was amazing. his acting was very good: D.
    the last movie he is sector 7. very impressive. I love the ha ji won, thanks for sharing information on blogs

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