Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ko Soo's in love ?

Korean actor Ko Soo, in love with the first year art school student?
Translated in English by : Wid Ko Soo
 Via: newsearch


Today (April 8) morning, South Korean media have reported that Ko Soo is dating an art school student and a junior majoring in art at the current Ko Soo’s university.

Ko Soo’s agency said that they didn’t know the theory of a women in Ko Soo’s life and and they would check the facts.

A spokeperson of HB Entertainment Agency said on a telephone interview "I just heard that rumor for the first time. Agency is not involved in the actor's private life, so we’re not familiar with this."

He added, "About the situation, we have to wait the confirmation from Ko Soo himself. But he’s still unable to, he’s in New Zealand for the shooting. I do not know about this, so I'll talk to him first.”

Ko Soo is staying in New Zealand for filming and scheduled to return to Korea on August 10.

Ko Soo, in a relationship rumor with art student?

Ko Soo’s agency, “Never heard of what's happening”

Translated in English by : Wid Ko Soo
Via : reviewstar

The relationship rumor of actor Ko Soo and an art student in his current college becomes a topic, since they’re known to interact in the Fine Arts event.

The media reported that Ko Soo was meeting this lady in a meeting last year, introduced by younger friends. The rumor about Ko Soo even spreads through Canada and has focused the attention of the masses to the Fine Arts.

In this regard, Ko Soo’s agency HB Entertainment said about ‘the news to Ko Soo’s devotees’, “We need the current understanding of authenticity."

“Since Ko Soo is in New Zealand for the CF filming," he regards, "We’ll continue to keep in touch but the shooting is being unable to do so. Now the time is exactly right for not to speak an unclear situation." Vague answers, really want to know soon what exactly it would be.

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