Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ko Soo, would get married ?

Translated in English by : Wid Ko Soo
Via : hankook

Actor Ko Soo fell in love.

Ko Soo is having a relationship with the current college junior majoring in art at the Fine Arts. The acquaintanceship of these two last year has been raised to love. An entertainment representative said, “The presence of Ko Soo’s girlfriend was very subtle. But he confides story about a woman in a friend and showing that it’s positive."

Seems that the agency is reticent, reluctant to handle all intentions tend to disclosure Ko Soo’s dating rumor. The meeting of these two people was an unknown story among entertainment officials.

Recently, however, two people climbed over the surface of the fellowship to announce the relationship. The official said, "There’s quite a big age difference of these two. They're like friends, as a young woman that Ko Soo knows."

The delicate appearance of Ko Soo’s girlfriend is her appeal. Ko Soo was a student at Sang Myung University Graduate School of Arts and Design, as a film studies degree he is well versed in the art direction. Ko Soo’s girlfriend is majored in art so they have a similar emotional interest and it’s an extraordinary attraction for Ko Soo.

Ripe for marriage is a question. Ko Soo is 34 years old this year. Another entertainment industry official said, "Age is not that important to Ko Soo because it seems that they put their hearts in a serious relationship. But the marriage of two people, rather than being determined, it’s difficult to say because only official comment will let us know that it’s true or a mistake."

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