Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ko Soo update in March 2011

Finally we've got some news about our Ko Soo,   as usual ELSIE has translated a new article about him. This time Ko Soo's name puts as the 4 biggest name for CF model along with : Won Bin, Kang Dong Won and So Ji Sub. Here's the translation of relevant part. Enjoy!

Via : cnews

In order to attract male and female consumers of all ages, actors with good looks and charms are engaged as CF models for high-end products. The CF trend for digital products is increasingly towards engaging the interests of female consumers.

Needless to say, Won Bin of UNCLE fame and PSYCHIC’s Kang Dong Won and Ko Soo have captured many female hearts in the CF industry.

'Pure Youth' Ko Soo's transformation through Sony CF

Sony Korea has appointed actor Ko Soo as its advertising model for Sony DSLR and the advertising campaign for its Alpha 55 has already begun.

In the CF, Ko Soo is transformed into a killer and is chased by someone. He ran into a beautiful woman and captured her image perfectly on a Sony camera for 1/10 second. He gave an excellent performance and the story was dramatic and sensuous.

The charms and acting ability of Ko Soo who recently appeared in PSYCHIC are undeniable. This CF received very positive review as the picture is beautiful and the scenario is excellent. In particular, it is more of a movie than a simple TV CF.


The second update was captured by Willenette from Hancinema via news.nate. , a little bit shocking though, so enjoy !

While actor Ko Soo is in a scandal with a common woman, his management said it was new to them.His management HB Entertainment said on the 8th, "The news that he is in a relationship is new to us".A media reported Ko Soo was in a relationship with an ordinary woman.The spokesperson said, "I don't think it's true but I will still check on it".

He added, "Ko Soo is in New Zealand for a shoot and I think it'll take some time to find out the truth".Meanwhile, Ko Soo has been active in movies, "White Night", "Haunters" and SBS drama "Will It Snow for Christmas??" after his discharge from the army in 2008. He has finished shooting the movie "The Front Line" coming this summer.


The third update is Ko Soo's look from the past. It's the way Ko Soo's dress up in the drama : "Kwanki", here's the complete translation by Wid Ko Soo via xportsnews and ntn.seoul

Photo of stunning actor KO SOO in a shocking look becomes a hot fashion topic

Past photo of Ko Soo : A belly fishnet shirt + floral pants + gold necklace = a set of shame

Recently an online community site was published two shocking photos of Ko Soo in his debut drama, the 1999 KBS2 drama 'Kwangkki'.

In the picture, Ko Soo  is showing a funky fashion wear : shocking navel exposure fishnet top and floral trousers!

Also in belly shirt with bold gold necklace, these photos of Ko Soo with unconventional fashion are causing a more shock to the fans.

Netizens who saw the photos said, "So there was a time when Ko Soo looked like that”, “happy to know that Ko Soo survives this fishnet fashion”,  “it’s a leading fashion sense in that era”, “an unconventional appearance", "quite different with recent Ko Soo but still handsome," and other fun reactions.


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