Wednesday, January 25, 2012

KO SOO-leidoscope 2011 : Life and Love (part 4)

Written by Wid Kosoo

Funny thing happened, I wrote an article here about how trendy his recent look is, and days later he won Style Icon Award 2011! Haha guess I’m not the one who noticed his transformation. But really, nowadays his look is really on the money... so congratz!

Also, now Ko Soo is a part of a new Cartier campaigne for ‘Love Collection’ along with other celebrities such as Lee Min Ho, T.O.P., Kim Ha Neul etc.

Another good news in November, Ko Soo had been nominated for Best Actor in Blue Dragon Film  Award! This man is awesome, three BDA nominations for three movies...
In BDA 2011, Ko Soo’s movie “The Frontline” won big along with box-office movie “Bow : The Ultimate Weapon”... well turned out bow is Ko Soo’s ultimate weapon to look good! Ehmm I meant tie-bow.

Ko Soo won Popularity Award that night... congratulation Mr. Ko Soo, I’m happy for you! Many fans were a bit dissapointed about the fact that he missed the Best Actor tittle, but hey I’m ok with that... much better than he came home emptyhanded, right? 
Plus, previous Popularity Award winners were Won Bin, Lee Byung Hun...  guess this is a proof that Ko Soo is no longer B-list actor, hehe.

Hahaha funny Ko Soo, he wasn’t well in BDA night and had a runny nose caused by flu. That interupted his winning speech, and then he blew his nose.... right on the stage! Everybody was laughing... hahaha 4D Ko Soo :)

Check out the video to find out!

November was such a delight for our Ko Soo-hunger... he was in Singapore to attend Mnet Asian Music Award 2011!

Ko Soo was paired up with Yoon Eun Hye to present MAMA 2011 Artist Of The Year. Had to wait for 4 hours to see a glimpse of Ko Soo there, guess the organizer knew that he’s one of the most anticipated star that night :)

He looked so stunning with tux...  but what’s up with those sweating bullets, A’a Ko Soo? Guess he was really nervous, hehehe.
Oh! Ko Soo announced SNSD Girl’s Generation as the winner, this reminds me that Jessica -one of SNSD member- ever said that Ko Soo is her ideal man. Guess she’s checking on Ko Soo that night? Haha. 
This is the video with eng sub :

-to be continued-

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