Sunday, March 6, 2011

2-second shooter’ Kim Ok Bin’s war movie GOJIJEON wraps on 2nd March in Cheonan

Translated by : ELSIE
Via : newsen

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The final stages of shooting for GOJIJEON ended on 2nd March, with the filming of the final scene with Shin Ha Kyun.

GOJIJEON stars Shin Ha Khun, Ko Soo and Kim Ok Bin. It is a tragic tale about the disaster of war and men from the same side fighting among themselves. Kim Ok Bin plays a North Korean sniper Cha San-hi. She is nicknamed ‘2-second shooter’ and is a much feared adversary. Though she has little screen time compared to the 2 male leads, Kim Ok Bin says she will always remember the filming experience as it is a challenging role and this is her first film where she handles a gun.

GOJIJEON will be released in the summer and will be in direct competition with monster movie “Sector  7”. (Wow... Ha Ji Won''s Movie)

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According to a fan who went to the GOJIJEON set as a film extra, Ko Soo has completed his part of the movie on 24th February. The Hana Bank cf was shot on the 25th February and thereafter, Ko Soo left for an overseas trip to shoot another cf. The fan is not exactly sure what cf it is but most probably, it’s for Sony…


  1. Then, they should invite each other to their movies ...sincerely hope so!Pray ,pray Ko soo, Ko soo Show your precious heart, she is still avaible now i hope!

  2. yes, let's pray that they will meet each other at their each premier......ohh I cannot stop but giggling again...