Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ko Soo : Gojijeon stills

Just like last year, this year also we won't see our Ko Soo's dashing looks in the movie. If in "Psychic" our Ko Soo wore shabby cloth as Gyu Nam, in Gojijeon we will see our Ko Soo with his 'muddy face'.
 Honestly as a female fans I feel a little disappointed, I want to see more his dashing looks, but as an objective viewer I am so proud of him. Ko Soo proves that his looks is not the only reason why he becomes a star like now. He is one of the actors who takes his stardom as a job that he should take responsibility. Fame is something he should pay by hardwork.

In Gojijeon Ko Soo will acts as Su Hyuk , a timid guy who later becomes a real man. Gojijeon is  directed by a blockbuster director : Jang Hoon  who made "Secret Reunion" in 2010.
Gojijeon is a war movie about Korean war, which started from 1950 - 1953. We can imagine how hard our Ko Soo filming Gojijeon. It's winter and he must stay in the mountain. Wow...that's not a joke, luckily the filming will end in mid February.

 Here's more stills from Gojijeon, enjoy !

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  1. COOL background!Look like our dear Ko Soo is thinking of a way to date her.