Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Netizen Find Out Ko Soo's Girl Friend !

I accidentally find this news. Everybody is curious  what does Ko Soo's girl friend looks like? Let's take a look. 

Her name is Kim Hye Yeon, she was born in 1989. She is studying sculpture in the college. Hmmm...she looks pretty. The picture taken in secret by the netizen.

Let's take a look another pictures, what do you think ?

Picture : Daum


  1. Wow she's very cute and sexy...
    thanks Nonie for posting

  2. I'm glad his girlfriend but I think her inappropriate him.

  3. yup, such a hawt girl, rawr:))
    I used to think like Nonie's idea, that he will fall in love with a "girl next door" type, someone warm,nice, and loves arts but not at all a physically stand-out-of-crowd like this sexy SHK lookalike (picture #6, reading with crossing her legs). But, yeah, his happiness is what that matters. Hope he'll have a healthy and happy relationship with her for a long time. Congrats!


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  5. I wish Ko Soo and Kim Hye Yeon happiness. May they nurture their relationship despite what others say. I admire KO Soo, he is truly an awesome and wonderful person to remain true to his belief. Ms. KHY is perfect to KS I think - looks simple but absolutely beautiful, unassuming but intelligent, girly but mature.