Friday, February 4, 2011

Will It Snow For Christmas ?– Ko Soo is 100% Cha Kang Jin

Translated by : ELSIE
Via : news.nate

Ko Soo’s portrayal of Cha Kang Jin has become a hot topic. There is a similarity between the two men in the following ways:

Business Suit

Cha Kang Jin wears mainly tight-fitting business suits in the drama. Like So Ji Sub, Cha Seung Won and Jo Jin Mo who are the cool and popular heroes of 2009, Ko Soo looks really good and handsome in business suits.

Also, female audiences are thrilled when Ko Soo reveals a muscular body in the 2nd episode.

Filial piety

In episode 3, Kang Jin gently sings for his mom “Hondo, don’t cry” when she is sad. He calls her “Madam Cha” instead of “mom” to make her feel good. Ko Soo himself is well-known as a filial son by people who know him well.

Deep intense eyes

Kang Jin’s deep intense eyes have captured the heart of Ji Wan (Han Ye Seul) and Woo Jung (Sun Woo Sun). Likewise, Ko Soo’s deep intense gaze has caused audiences to suffer from “Ko Soo Syndrome”. Writer Lee Kyung Hee has revealed that it was Ko Soo’s eyes she was thinking of when she wrote Kang Jin’s character. Even Kim Soo Hyun, the young actor who plays the teenaged Kang Jin, says that he wants to have eyes like Ko Soo senior.

A gentleman

When a building collapses in the 2nd episode, Kang Jin displays his sense of righteousness when he confronts the security guards and Woo Jung. Not only that, he stays up all night to patch up the room for his first love, Ji Wan. In real life, Ko Soo also takes good care of the cast and crew who work with him on the set. He has been called “always-there-young-man” and the “considerate Ko Soo” etc.

According to the PD, the production team is really amazed at the similarity between writer Lee Kyung Hee’s Cha Kang Jin and Ko Soo. Ko Soo is very gentle with the ladies, but Kang Jin can be rather impolite. Except for this, Ko Soo is 100% Cha Kang Jin.

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