Monday, February 7, 2011

KO SOO of ‘Mother and Sister’ : Time of the Young

Interview by Pastel Magazine 2001
Translated by Akemi and Wid Ko Soo

In the drama ‘Mother and Sister’, Ko Soo’s character is ‘a cute boyfriend but a playboy Kyong Bin’. How is Ko Soo really like?
He can say any words, but we’ll using a psychological  test, to let us peek what’s inside his heart. Well, let's try ...

Please check any answer that fits your usual actions and thoughts.

Test 1

Most people around me let me to have a big laugh (check)
People can not tolerate an unpleasant smile
Friends dominated the conversation
I asked many times to see if there’s an interesting story for each person
People surprises when I’m saying what I’ve been thinking out loud
I was rumbling and I’m still embarassed about it
In my opinion, travelling is more sensitive (check)
I often cry while I’m watching a movie or drama (check)
I’ve been in the police station to pick up things (check)
I observed everything in the room (check)
I was using a ‘sick’ reason for my  absence (check)
Eyes are my weakness in fighting
I was impressed to read ‘The Shepherd Boy’
I often reflect on my actions and regret it later (check)

Test 2

Interested in volunteer activities
When I’m receiving a letter I’ll answer soon
Jewelry is a good accessories to spend money on, but I think it’s better to buy good food to eat (check)
I often talk with friends
I asked my friend about my bad character (check)
I might possibly go to vote (check)
I’m better in language and social studies rather than science and math
People say that we can calculate the character
To me, communication is the key of relationship (check)
I’ll company my kids to school and give some advices for parents and teachers (check)
Bad man may have longed for a woman
First class is a must on trip or I shouldn’t be happy
I care much about my daily nutrition (check)
I heard about things in relationship from an early age (check)

The result :
KO SOO is ‘B-type’ (a beginner in flirting)

Guess the test ain’t helping. Friendly smile is an attractive part of the handsome Ko Soo, but I think the idea about him as a real playboy doesn’t match. Sounds fool, compared to the clean and pure image of Ko Soo from the beginning. But would you like to forgive him if he was cheating on you??

-the end of part 1-

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