Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ko Soo and Ha Ji Won collaboration?

By : Nonie

Don't be fool with those pictures, I made up all to heal my broken heart since recently I read the last news about Ha Ji Won's next project after sector 7; she will return to TV drama but unfortunately not with our Ko Soo. She will act along mega star Jang Dong Gun in "Peninsula", a drama with huge budget.

If our Ko Soo works together with Ha Ji Won, what kind of movie or drama will be good for them? Ko Soo always acts as a great lover, a man who's suffered by love and he will do anything for love, even it mean he must let log the one he loves ( Age of innocent, Piano, Will It Snow For Christmas, White Night). Ha ji Won in the other hand  is famous with her HJW's 'Jinx" since she always makes a man she loves died. (Memory in Bali, Hwang Jing Yi, Damo, Duelist)

Actually I want to see Ko Soo and Ha Ji Won in the drama, but it seems our Ko Soo is into the movie nowadays. So I didn't bother even if they only act together in the movie. A simple love comedy movie will be great. I always see Ha Ji Won act as a tough girl, it will be fun if this time she acts like a 'gold digger' and our Ko Soo is her pray. Unfortunately, the prey is a super playboy (LOL, it will be fun to see both of them act in different role they used to act. It will be hilarious to see a flirting Ko Soo...ha...ha..ha)

Actually I am not dying to see Ko Soo and Ha Ji Won become a couple, but I am dying to see them working together. Will these two professionals actors able to get rid of their awkwardness and work comfortably with each other? With all the buzzing fans pairing them, will it effect them ? Will they become closer or will it make them even further to each other?. I hope the first one (LOL, so persistence)

Well here another pictures, seems that I can't have enough of them and praying hard that they will soon work together.

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