Friday, February 18, 2011

Ko Soo : Hana Bank CF

Translated by Wid Kosoo
Via : hankyung

Hana Bank, the role model of financial business 
Hana Bank, Korea's leading financial company has released the ads with 'better world' image, with the emphasis on humanism. Their message is the compliment 'so ~ good!' upon the smiling faces.

The bank is hiring ‘easy in the eye’ Ko Soo as their model in addition to the friendly neighbors :  A brother and sister, middle-age couple, the laughing kid with her parent and their warm home.

This advertising director said, “While stimulating consumer's susceptibility to Ko Soo, we’re offering the smile and warm spirit of the ‘better world’ in the ads as we planned.”


In the ad about mobile phone banking services, there’s popular model Ko Soo, walking through the streets while enjoying the service, “it’s so easy to get the bank service, anytime anywhere” image. Ko Soo was really downloading the application to his phone. The shooting goes naturally, even some staffs of the bank were shocked by his appearance.

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Credit with thanks to KSDC, Baidu and Elsie

Here's another news about Ko Soo in Hana Bank CF

TV advertising of the year

Translated by Wid Kosoo
Via hankyung

The Korea Economic Daily with CM Strategy Institute has released their survey results for TV Advertising of the Year 2010.

CM Korea Institute for Strategic Studies ( were measured for overall liking of TV ads by consumer panel. The consumer panel are 10.010 inhabitant of metropolitan area, age 3 to 59.

Consumers voted for their favorite advertising in each category : telecommunications sector, card, food and beverages, chemical division, banking sector, and securities division.

The leading brand Hana Bank CF chosen as ‘TV Advertising of the Year’ in bank category. The duration is only seconds but the concept is really good. Very Korea with the poetry and good letter, Hana Bank delivered their message well. The repeated exposure to compliment, and also introduced the variety of bank activities : advanced care facilities, multicultural family support, entrepreneurship support and so on.

The ad is about the surrounding neighborhood, looks relaxed with the heartwarming smiles upon their faces. The atmosphere looks good from the beginning to the end.

There are many advertising models with attractive characters. But most of all, Ko Soo with his neat haircut and a bright light around his face gives such a warm atmosphere to capture the minds of this advertising, and as the high affinity for women. But turned out the rating of men age 30-40 is the highest.
Note : For the complete CF look at CF section

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