Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ko Soo's Women

Translated in English by : ELSIE

Ko Soo has been blessed with the opportunity of working with some of the top actresses of this generation. Beside actresses Kim Ha Neul, Kim Hee Sun, Kim Min Hee, Park Jung Ah and Song Ji Hyo, he has also worked with best actress Son Ye Jin. Let us examine his relationship with the women around him.

Park Jung Ah

Park Jung Ah and Ko Soo in : "When A Man Loves A Woman"

Park Jung Ah

Park Jung Ah, a singer, and currently the girlfriend of Gil Seong Jun (Leessang) once confessed that her ideal man was Ko Soo who was her leading man in the SBS drama "When a Man Loves a Woman". Koo Soo acknowleged that she was a nice, stylish girl.

Lee Hyun Ji

Lee Hyun Ji met Ko Soo at a game show. She was smitten and listed him as an ideal partner. "He is a nice, sweet and sincere guy", she gushed.

Jo Yoon Hee

Joo Yoon Hee and Ko Soo in "Left Alone" a Lee Soo Young MV

In 2005, there were rumours that Ko Soo had fallen in love with Jo Yoon Hee. They met while doing a Lee Soo Young music video. However, Ko Soo denied the rumour.

Son Ye Jin

Song Ye Jin and Ko Soo in "White Night"

Son Ye Jin is Ko Soo's leading lady in his comeback movie 'Baek Ya Haeng'. The movie is about the tragic love story of Yohan (Ko Soo) and Miho (Son Ye Jin). Ko Soo often praises Ye Jin for her professionalism and passion for acting.

Han Ye Seul

Ko Soo and Han Ye Seul in "Will It Snow For Christmas" press conference
Ko Soo currently appears in SBS drama 'Will It Snow For Christmas'. He portrays the role of Cha Kang Jin who has had a difficult life. He then meets Ji Wan (played by Han Ye Seul) 10 years later and a love story begins. 'Ye Seul is a cheerful, comfortable partner who brightens up the set', says Ko Soo. WISFC is a classic melodrama about love.

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