Thursday, February 17, 2011

Photographer Cho Sehyon’s Star: Ko Soo – Pure as a country boy. A reticent actor…

December 2005
Translated in English by : ELSIE

My first impression of Ko Soo when he came over to my studio was what a reserved actor he is! He is straightforward and honest in his speech. Though quiet and reserved, his presence is felt.

However, he shows great enthusiasm in front of the camera. This is perhaps the true character of a natural actor. It is often said that actors are drawn to the camera. But for Ko Soo, it is the camera which is drawn to the eyes of Ko Soo. Not only that, it is fascinating to watch him switch from his usual reticent self to someone with a comical pose and funny expression in a split second. He turned around in the studio like a volleyball. At that time, the expression in those big eyes under the thick eyebrows are very cute. If only fans could see this pose! They will like him even more. He is a genius who could transform himself so passionately in front of the camera.

With an innocent expression much like a country boy or a pure youthful expression, Ko Soo is different from other pretty boy actors. He is handsome no doubt, but he does not strike the pose of a pretty boy. Instead he stands proud in front the camera. His face has depth.

It is difficult to get close to a reticent young man. But compared to people who fool around in the studio, you will feel a strange attraction to the quiet actor.

Actor Ko Soo’s philosophy is that it’s better to be a good actor rather than a popular one. And his belief that, by becoming friendly with other actors before filming will render him unable to focus on his acting because of personal feelings, is rather interesting. Therefore, he often gets closer to his colleagues after the end of a shoot rather than before. His depth in acting matches perfectly with his external image. There may be actors with good acting skills, but none has the philosophy, self management and unique characteristic of Ko Soo. Such is the charisma of actor Ko Soo.

No matter how quiet or reserved Ko Soo is, I could see the message clearly in his eyes. All his effort and hard work as well as his natural ability are all captured in my camera.

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