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This year’s actor: Ko Soo – The return of a true actor who works hard at his craft

Uncut News – November 2009

Translated in English  by : ELSIE

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Just like the hardworking Salieri being jealous of the natural genius Mozart, an actor’s natural talent cannot be disregarded in the acting profession. But for Ko Soo who is often known as a ‘sincere youth’, it’s more hard work than ability. After a long break from the army, Ko Soo has made a splendid return with renewed vigor.

Ko Soo in "White Night"

After 4 years, Ko Soo has returned with WHITE NIGHT. He remains unchanged. His eyes are still as clear as ever and his image still as serious. He still plays a character who would give up everything for a lady. In WHITE NIGHT, he portrays Yohan, a man who lives in the dark so that the woman he loves can live in bright daylight; a man who doesn’t leave darkness even in death.

But the Ko Soo in front of me isn’t the previous Ko Soo any more. Somehow, after his stage debut, Ko Soo has the face of a 32 year old man.

Ko Soo in "White Night"

The bed scene in WHITE NIGHT has shown how Ko Soo has grown as an actor. Not only did he train vigorously for a fit body, but he was able to express the feeling of pain as well as fear in that scene superbly.

Ko Soo in White Night

Director Park is full of praise for Ko Soo. He feels that Ko Soo is not merely acting the part of Yohan. He is Yohan personified. He is very happy with Ko Soo’s honest and serious portrayal of the role in WHITE NIGHT.

“I requested him not to go out but to enjoy the state of social withdrawal, the darkness and the night. I also asked him not to communicate with the actors and crew on the set, but to just sincerely ‘love’ Son Ye Jin. He fulfilled all my requests quietly”, said Director Park .

Ko Soo in "Some"

Ko Soo made his film debut in 2004 with SOME. While having a reputation of a sincere movie star then, he did not however leave a strong impression with audiences and film critics.

However, in his second film WHITE NIGHT, Ko Soo has proven that he is capable of being a great actor. Ko Soo will next appear in drama WISFC on 2nd December. It will be interesting to follow the future career of Ko Soo who has said that he wants to appear in different multiple forms in future.

Credit to : Ko Soo JFC

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