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Pure youth Ko Soo falls in “dangerous love”

Translated by : ELSIE
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Actor Ko Soo is an epitome of a "gentle, handsome man". From his eyes that are always moist to his lips, Ko Soo always looks quiet and sincere. One can never find any dark shadows in him. This is the real Ko Soo.

He is still the same earnest young man who made his debut 10 years ago. He still listens intently and seriously to the questions that are posed to him. 5 years after SOME, WHITE NIGHT is his first movie after military service.

WHITE NIGHT is based on a Japanese bestseller about a fateful relationship between a man and a woman in connection with a murder which occurred 14 years ago and an ex-detective who tracks them down. The movie stars Ko Soo as Yohan, Han Suk Kyu as the ex-detective and Son Ye Jin as Miho.

“I had to read the script twice to understand Yohan’s character. Yohan lives a lonesome life since he was a child. In crafting the role of Yohan, I almost lived without sunlight. This is necessary to understand and to convey accurately what’s in Yohan’s mind”.

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When he came to the movie set, he became Yohan. “He didn’t only act, he transformed himself into Yohan completely”, said Director Park . As most of his scenes are solitary, it is necessary to create a quiet atmosphere on the set. For this reason, he didn’t even talk much to co-star Son Ye Jin.

“Yohan and Miho are no ordinary lovers who see and talk to each other. They communicate by phone or talk to each other with a wall in between. So Ye Jin and I do not meet on the set to preserve that feeling. It was difficult in the beginning. But bringing a little imagination to actuality, love can still be felt even if we deliberately not meet one another”, said Ko Soo.

“Acting is a profession. I want to grow as an actor now”. Ko Soo made his debut in 1998 with a music video LETTER. He went to an audition with a friend for the fun of it. After that, he did a commercial and took up several modeling assignments. He has done 10 TV dramas and has since grown as an actor. Upon his discharge from mandatory military service, he took on a stage play RETURN OF PRESIDENT OEM. “In the past, I always wanted to do a stage play. If I don’t do it after the army, when would it be possible to take up the challenge? I like the atmosphere of the stage and I enjoy the drinking parties. I was able to meet people from various walks of life and there are lots of things to learn”.

Ko Soo shook his head when asked if he is scheduled to appear in a variety show to promote the movie. He has no such plans. It will be alright if he appears as a character he portrays, but not as Ko Soo the man because he will feel the pressure.

In the beginning, Ko Soo was rather skeptical about a performing career with his kind of character. But he is clear now about this profession. “I think an actor does self-development all the time and you can grow in this profession. I need to work harder now and as I have had a long break. I will be seeing everyone soon in WILL IT SNOW FOR CHRISTMAS!

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