Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ko Soo in Sageuk Drama

By : Nonie

Ever since I've watched Ko Soo's works, I haven't seen him in sanggeuk drama or movie. The only sageuk scene I've ever seen is long time ago in a MV "Fool" when he acted along Lee Eun Joo (RIP) in 1999.(See MV section). 

A Part from his photoshot with Ha Ji Won ten years ago, I've personally never seen him in hanbok. I wonder if Ko Soo wants to try to act in sageuk drama especially if he can act along Ha Ji Won who had more experienced in this kind of drama regarding what she has done with "DAMO", "DUELIST" and "HWANG JIN YI"

Ko Soo is very good in martial art, I believe the action scenes won't be a big deal for him. Or I should say he is really good in sport. I've watched one TV show when he should  jump over a huge stuff, everybody was surprised since he was the only who can made it.

Somehow I miss Ko Soo in the drama, it feels like years I haven't seen him cried over the love . He...he..he I am a little bit melancholic but what can I say it's very difficult to get rid the 'melancholic' image of Ko Soo. I really miss those watering deep eyes of him.

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  1. Youare not alone, KIF! Our wish will be granted for sure , very sure ..cross our fingers.