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Ko Soo: My ideal type must be diligent and a morning type of lady

Instead of a melodramatic heroine, Ko Soo plays a youth working in Utopia, a pawn shop, and sets out to save the world in PSYCHIC. He fights against Kang Dong Won, a man with supernatural ability to control people, with his bare body.

The interview with Hankooki took place after the PSYCHIC media preview. Ko Soo was careful about not revealing too much spoilers of the movie. He took pains to answer each question carefully after much thought. It was not unlike the last time when I met him for WHITE NIGHT.

His choosing to do a stage play immediately after his military stint was quite a surprise to fans. But with the current release of PSYCHIC and the highly anticipated GOJIJEON in the second half of next year, Ko Soo has become a dark horse of Chungmuro.

“After resting for more than 2 years, I felt uncomfortable going under the spotlight again. So the play was sort of like a warm-up first. Now I’m doing my 5th project. I was confused for a while, but now I am certain that this job is what I really want to do. I am thankful for the choices I have received before and now my agents are actively looking for more work for me”, said Ko Soo.

What do the director and cast think of Ko Soo? Director Kim :w00t: said, “Ko Soo is a truly decent and loyal person. He is thorough in his acting and has strong self-discipline. He is Gyu-nam from beginning to end”. “Ko Soo is an extremely passionate young man, more than I thought. He’s always serious, always enthusiastic”, said Kang Dong Won. As for newcomer actress Jeong Eun Chae, :D "I am amazed at how he gives his all for each and every take. Senior Ko Soo has a career which goes over 10 years in the industry, but I am surprised that he is neither rude nor brusque to the people around him”.

Q: Did you suffer any physical pain while filming PSYCHIC?

KS: As opposed to Kang Dong Won who feels pain in his eyes, I have pain all over my body. I hurt from fingertip to toe. There were a lot of physically demanding scenes but as Gyu-nam is a bright and positive person, he can bear the pain easily. It was not a big problem.

Q: What about the scene where the psychic hypnotises dozens of people to go against you?

KS: I had a lot of action scenes where wire was required as well as scenes which involve physical strength. As the psychic’s power is invisible, I had to use a lot of my imagination. I had to imagine feeling pain and the power of the psychic.

Q: I bet many female fans are feeling the pain of seeing their Ko-vid being wounded and appearing messy in the visuals.

KS: Set pictures were given to the costume director who would then propose appropriate hairstyles and costumes. These nice stylish images are then projected in the ad. We do not seek to be some gorgeous CG Hollywood movie. There are one or two stained clothings throughout the movie.

Q: You did a lot of melodramas before the army, but PSYCHIC is of a different genre and colour.

KS: In the past, I have done many serious characters. It was comfortable and fun taking on the role of Gyu-nam who is pure and faultless. I had unintentionally done a lot of melodramas in the past. Now having escaped that for the first time, I feel that a sad love story is still good. But switching from a role where everything is aligned to the feeling of love to the ordinary Gyu-nam role is an interesting experience.

Q: What’s your experience of love?

KS: How can it be good if love becomes a drama? In reality, it seems to be more incomprehensible. Feelings of love in the past are often used as a foundation. There is always a romantic feeling.

Q: What’s your ideal type?

KS: A lady who is diligent. I am the early-to-bed-early-to rise type and I like to do workouts in the morning. I like to take advantage of the morning hours. If there is a diligent lady who is also a morning person, we can spend time together in the morning.

Q: Kang Dong Won has grumbled that Senior Ko Soo ‘escaped’ by himself from the movie’s first drinking party.

KS: I like a drinking party, but not the liquor. Can’t drink much. If I were to drink a little liquor, I’ll get very drowsy. I’m sorry if Kang Dong Won felt rejected.

Q: This is your third movie, is it possible not to drink on the movie set?

KS: Director Chan Yoon Hyun of SOME does not drink. The director and PD of WHITE NIGHT do not drink either. But I drank like a dog, really, when I did the stage play RETURN OF PRESIDENT EOM. It was impossible not to drink at a place like the University Road . During those months, I was in a drunken stupor and people had to carry me.

Q: How was it like working with Kang Don Won?

KS: Dong Won likes sci-fi and cartoon stuff. I am more realistic and feel it’s important to pursue reality. We are obviously of different colours. When reading the script, Dong Won matches the part of the psychic perfectly. He has a lot more movie experience than me. He is voracious about his acting and is a friend who is happy to lead the people on the set. Everyone on the set is of the same age – the director, the crew as well as Kang Dong Won. It was fun shooting the movie.

Q: Was there a feeling of hesitation to appear in front of the public again after your stint in the army?

KS: I felt awkward to be back in the spotlight after more than two years. I wanted to continue acting but there were also a lot of worries. My contract with the company was in limbo. I thought I’ll do a stage play and face new challenges. Even now, I felt embarrassed. I remember waiting to go to the theatre. After making a start on the play, including a drama and 3 movies, I have done 5 pieces of work. I have caught the acting bug. I like this job and I am thankful for the choices that I had. I was confused for a while when I wasn’t working, but now I’m certain I want this job.

Q: You are in the middle of shooting Director Jang Hun’s GOJIJEON in the cold winter months. Are you worried about the cold?

KS: I’m already shooting in mid-winter, so I’m prepared. Greeting the cold winter in the great outdoors is different from the city. But I’m not alone. I’m shooting the movie with seniors Shin Ha Kyun, Ko Chang Seok, Ryu Seung Soo and many other troops. Working with so many actors in this “male movie” is a very pleasant experience.

Translated by : ELSIE caps BY : Petra via news.hankooki

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