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Everyone has a question mark in their heads about one thing : Ko Soo 's love story.
So reporters were crowding when Ko Soo held a press conference prior to his wedding ceremony on February 17 with his agency officials. The gorgeous groom bowed politely to the reporters, looked extremely happy yet nervous. He stated, “I’m feeling great. I thank everyone for showing so much interest on this happy day.”

Still, this quiet man didn’t revealed much about his bride, nor the way he proposed, nor the pre-wedding pics, nor their future plan. But he shared a bit about the love story with his other half. 

The happy couple met in 2008 through a mutual acquaintance. Ko Soo has fallen for her ever since so he tried to conceal his feeling, but then their friendly relationship naturally blossomed into a romantic one.

To a question asking when he decided to get married to his bride, Ko Soo answered, “I thought so from the first moment I met her. For a time we were very careful around each other and built on our relationship, but it’s been about a year and a half since we seriously started considering marriage.”

When asked how the groom and bride developed their romantic feelings for each other, Ko Soo bashfully replied, “I want to cherish that memory between the two of us for now. If I get another opportunity to share next time, I will do so.”

Ko Soo said about his proposal, “I proposed to her on the 365th day of our relationship. Because it’s a special memory between the two of us, if I get a chance to talk about it in the future, I’ll tell you then.”

Regarding their big age difference, Ko Soo stated, “I just have a little more worldly experience than her, but it does not affect in our lives. We actually make good conversation in everyday life. We communicate well with each other when making decisions. We would talk with each other and exchange opinions before making any decisions.”

He added, “She suits me so well, no matter what choice I make, she gives similar advice and offers the similar decision. I think we’ll be able to live without any serious problems.”

When asked what they call each other, Ko Soo said, “We just call each other anything. We don’t have any specific names for each other.”

About how he felt about before his marriage, he added, “Yesterday a lot of thoughts crossed my mind. I called my friends and talked a lot with them, and they all congratulated me and showed they were jealous.”

Ko Soo also said, “I remember clearly the love you showed me. I’ll do my best to become the best man, a leader of my family, as well as a good actor in the future.”

Sources : enewsworld, soompi, mydaily
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Here's video of the Q&A session :

Video : The Union Press

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