Thursday, February 10, 2011

KO SOO of ‘Mother and Sister’ The Interview : Time of the Young

Article by Pastel Magazine 2001
Translated by Akemi and Wid Kosoo

Interview : Ko Soo in 2000

“Since the beginning of 2000, my life has turned in a special way. It was like clicking the start button. I was not do anything extraordinary, much or less, to have a happy and luxury life. I just enjoy it. I started to play in sitcom in my youth, called ‘Jump’. Then I got a few offers from casting teams. Starting with ‘Jump’, somehow you knew that it would followed by another jobs. After ‘Jump’, there’s ‘Funky Family’, and ‘Non-stop’. I was lucky to appear in those three successful projects.”

“I didn’t think much about my dream to be a DJ, but then it came true. From 12 until 10 pm, I was a host of SBS Radio’s program ‘Our Happy Youth’. As a DJ I had to joke around, but I was a beginner so there were many mistakes, even when there was feverish determination to make a smooth exchange with our guest. I wasn’t good, but I had to cope with the immediate knowledge of the interaction with the guess, and how to stay cool under any circumstances. As a DJ I had to learn acting only with my voice, without my body. To me, it was one of the most pleasant gift in 2000.”

“All of the variety things that I learnt from school drama teacher remains in my acting all along. That’s why I called them as my seniors. By that time most of my attention was that MBC weekend drama series ( Mother and Sister). All of the actors and actress there were my teacher. I was watching their performances and questioning more about acting. The only way I can catch up is by practicing everytime, open the script and read the lines again and again."

“My role as Kyong Bin in ‘Mother and Sister” was a heavy duty to sense, I even gained more weight to convey the character. As the performer I had to be Kyong Bin. This Kyong Bin’s role has a twin sister from the unusual background, born by a surrogate mother. So it must be chosen carefully for each method how to express all the mixed feelings.”
“As 22 years old guy I’m no longer in youth nor teenager, so there were two or three moments when I feel empty and different about acting. Best person to discuss about this kind of problem is my brother, Jae-soon. He told me that I can feel like a brother but acting as a senior. I’m so grateful."

“This year is lucky one, one good thing led to another. I’d figured that my happiness could not happen in 2000. I made many mistakes, 2000 was running like crazy but came to me in a very special way.”

Well done, Ko Soo !

“As everything in the world, there’s an end in every beginning. Now we start the year 2001, 2000 has ended. I’m considering one evaluation till the end. To recall the things in 2000, to unpack the story so I’d know what thing that I should be cautious of, things that I shall obtain.”

“I want you to evaluate each and every work of you. (‘Ko Soo, you and I are working hard. Well done!’) Words can be very mundane, in the way that true sense of the word estimated what to receive in return. But anyone who knows who I am, understands that I want to hear more about the intent of person who says so different. Sense of the word was heard from the difference between the words. We can hear ‘well done’ but it could be different.”

“With evaluation of the hard work, we can do our best thing for all the work. If anyone would do that the act would eagerly accepted. I also hope that anyone would very seriously see their performances when the drama ended. If you want to evaluate my performance, just make sure that I want to hear that words. Surely I want to hear ‘whatta hard work, well done’, but what I really need is words from the heart.”

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