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Jo Jae Hyun

Jo Jae Hyun was born on June 30th 1965. He works together with Ko Soo in "Piano" (2001), he becomes Ko Soo's father. When Ko Soo return from his military service, he didn't start his work in the film like all actors generally but he starts his acting in the theater : "The Return of President  Eom" to which he is invited to perform upon the recommendation of Jo Jae Hyun. To Ko Soo, Jo Jae Hyun is not only his co-star but also his senior in acting. He learned a lot from his during  his debut.

Jo Jae Hyun in "Piano"

I really love the chemistry between Ko Soo and  Jo Jae Hyun in "Piano", they really like real father and son. The son who always tries to understand his father. It's not the father who makes the son become a wonderful person but instead it's the son who makes the father become a good man. Somehow I still hope this two actors can work again together. They remind me a lot of Lee Jun Ki and Lee Moon Sik in "Iljimae", they have strong chemistry between them. 

Jo Jae Hyun in "New Heart"
Jo Jae Hyun is a prolific actor, he acted in many dramas and films since 1990. His recent drama is "New Heart" along with Ji Sung. It's a good drama and he acted as a cardiologist.  He got top excellent award actor  for his role in "New Heart" .In the big screen he recently acted in a hit movie : "Marine Boy" along with Kim Kang Woo and  Miss Korean Park Si Yeon.

"Marine Boy" press conference

But among of his films I remember I watched him in "Romance" (2006) paired with Kim Ji Soo. He acted a s a rough detective who falls in love with somebody's wife. The film is heartbreaking, I love him in this movie. Beside his remarkable acting in "Piano", Jo is very popular in the movie "Bad Guy" (2001) when he received a best actor.

 In "Romance" (2006)

"Snowman" (2003)
"Bad Guy" (2002)

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