Wednesday, January 25, 2012

KO SOO-leidoscope 2011 : Life and Love (the last part)

Written by Wid Kosoo


The supporters of KSYJ (Ko Soo – Son Ye Jin) were in the state of shock when Ms Ye Jin said that she was ‘sort of’ seeing Ko Soo (hmmm a bit intriguing, right?). Yups KSYJ lovers are hungry for the closeness and with Ko Soo and Son Ye Jin’s project “White Night” all hopes were skyrocketing, but they’re dissapointed with the result. Turned out Ms Ye Jin feels the same way so she wants another opportunity to work with Ko Soo as very intimate character, haha. 

Another news from his social life, Ko Soo attended actor Yoo Ji Tae 's wedding.. and he looked amazingly awesome! Ooh his cute geeky hunky look is really my kryptonite :p

Then Super Junior’s Choi Siwon tweeted his ‘hang-out pic’ with Ko Soo there... hmm seems that party was more enjoyable to Siwon, haha.

How is Ko Soo in BH Entertainment ? Doing fine... Ko Soo was taking part in the annual photoshoot with his BH Entertainment family for the first time.

The theme was to celebrate their CEO Son Suk Woo‘s marriage. With the help of In Style Magazine, the stars planned a surprise party for the happy couple. Their pictorials will be auctioned to charity. Oh look at him, among all gorgeous actors and still he stands out! 

Ko Soo wrapped 2011 by voted as the star fans want to spend New Year’s Eve with, along with Lee Seung Gi and Song Joong Ki.
Oh new year’s eve with Ko Soo? Count me in !!


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