Thursday, February 24, 2011

Psychic Stills And Review

By : Nonie

The scene begins with the childhood life of a young Choi In  (Kang Dong -won). His mother covered his eyes and comfort him that he will heal faster.The tender moment of a mother and a son is  interrupted by Choi-in's mother abusive husband. He beats up Choi In's mother and it ends up provoked the anger of young Choi In.

And as we expected the little Choi In kills the man by his powerful eyes; the eyes who can control other to do what ever he wants,and the mother gets tired to him and decides to die together. But little Cho In eyes saves his life.
The flashback of Cho In childhood, give the viewer a brief description about Choi In's character when he grew up.

This is the adult Choi In , staying in the luxury hotel room, brooding and blames the world to make him such a a freak. If it is the weather , the best comparison of Choi In 's character is like the " dark night in a cold winter"

And here we are our Ko Soo, smiles broadly. Im Gyu Nam "the bright sun in the beautiful summer" is a simple, honest young man who works at the junk yard with his two foreigner best friends : a Ghanaian; "Boba" and a Turkish, Ali.
The way Gyu Nam's making friends with the 'second class foreigners' make the viewer understand how kind our Gyu Nam is ; the kindness that pass the race and the religion. I love when the three of them talk. Boba is the baby of the three, and Ali is the worrier. But Gyu Nam is their leader; the way they call him : 'Hyungnim" is somehow give the effect of love and respect.

On Friday they hang out together, funny thing : they go to the amusement park. It's hilarious to see how childish the three of them. At the end of the day : "Happy birthday" ....Ohh  the overhelming Gyu Nam smiles broadly receiving his birthday present. But uppps! What unexpected thing happened; Gyu Nam is hit by a car!
Here are  the three of them in the hospital. It's funny to see the way Boba's holding Gyu Nam's hand , and Ali's chat about "man's  three turning point". And Gyu Nam has done three already : Thomas runs away with his money, having unexpected accident and the third : He is fired from his job !!! (LOL)

What a funny thing to say that Gyu Nam actually has messed up  his life. Other may find what happened to Gyu Nam is something very miserable that even worth to commit suicide, but Gyu Nam just wakes up and looks for a job even when he has his leg cast

Utopia is a place where Gyu Nam apply for a job, it's a very small company and Gyu Nam is the only employee. There is a funny thing about the interview; Mr Cho, the boss, calls a police officer to check on Gyu Nam's crime record secretly. But since he has bad eyesight he cannot read Gyu Nam's  ID number easily. Gyu Nam who overhears the conversation dictates the number for him instead. 
This scene is funny of course but it gives again another description what kind of person Gyu Nam is. He doesn't get upset easily when other will. He takes everything at the bright side; normally Mr. Cho's act should hurt his pride but Gyu Nam takes it as a normal procedure.

The interview is something I love to highlight; when Mr. Cho ask Gyu Nam what he thought about life. Gyu Nam shyly said : " Life....., we live until we die" What a wonderful simple opinion which is very difficult to apply.

The first encounter between Cho In and Gyu Nam happened to be in his work place. That day Boba and Ali visit Gyu Nam's new office and he proudly says his new title : representative Im Gyu Nam. he loves his new job, his boss and of course the boss' daughter : Yoon Seok . 
Suddenly the door opens, Choi In comes in and everybody freeze, lose their conscious. Even Gyu Nam at the beginning is affected. But he struggles, his fingers starts to move and slowly his head turn to where Choi In's standing. 

This is the beginning war between Choi In and Gyu Nam. After Mr.Cho died, and Gyu Nam realized how scarry  and dangerous 'the evil spirit' Choi In. 

At first, he tried to turn Choi In to the police by giving them the video of CCTV. But alas, instead of keep their eyes to the suspect, they suspect more Gyu Nam, who they think , talk nonsense about the 'psychic' thing. There are another lines that I love from the conversation between Gyu Nam and Choi In. 

Gyu Nam : "Why did you kill my president ?, Can you revive him ?"
Cho In : " Of course , no"
Gyu Nam : " Then why do you kill people when you cannot revive them ?"
Again another 'wing's lines to explain that human no matter what doesn't have right to kill other people. The only One who can take human's life is only God, because He is the only one who's able to revive them. 

In every encounter between Cho In and Gyu Nam, Choi In will blame Gyu Nam for his action. He kills because Gyu Nam doesn't want to give up. When Gyu Nam asks him what he had to do to  make him stop kiliing people. Cho In only wants him to see him die.

Gyu Nam loses his two best friends, again normal people will just kill himself in this condition to save other's life and stop the Choi In's torturing. But Gyu Nam with his weapon" we live until we die" , struggles not to kill himself. His power is not his muscle or his super power strenght; his power is his strength to go on living no matter how hard he faces his life. And since he respect his life, he respects others life too. 

Nothing and nobody should kill people purposely since human's life is in God's hand. And I love the last lines what Gyu Nam's said at the scene in the rooftop " I will live to see you die", and  when both of Gyu Nam and Choi In fall from the rooftop , again Gyu Nam's lines are very touching. 

"Perhaps if we meet in another circumstance we will become a good friend", what a wonderful man with no ill heart at all. And Ko Soo has portrayed the wonderful Gyu Nam's perfectly. I should say Ko Soo in this film is like a  wonderful warm heart country boy. He is cool because he is simple, he is wonderful because he has a banal principle of life "We live until we die" which is the most difficult lines to apply in a real  life.

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