Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ko Soo and Ha Ji Won , one more...

By : Nonie

I actually made this article about two weeks ago, but I keep it for a while since I want to collect more info about my favorite couple : Ko Soo and Ha Ji Won. When people start pairing Ha Ji Won with Hyun Bin after "Secret Garden" ; But I don't want her to be a third wheel between Hyun Bin and Song Hae Gyo.

The video above "Tears" is one of Ko Soo and Ha Ji Won collaboration, it was made in 2001, mean it has been 10 years ago. But Ko Soo's still bluntly said that Ha Ji Won is his ideal type. He is funny somehow on gossiping himself with her. I believe Ha Ji Won must be feel awkward although Ko Soo is not the first guy who admire Ha Ji Won. But the case is different since both Ko Soo and Ha Ji Won has almost the same age, Ko Soo is 32 and Ha Ji Won is 31, what a perfect age for a couple.

The video above is taken from Blue Dragon Award 2009, where Ko Soo announced Ha Ji Won as the winner for best actress award in "Closer to Heaven". Baidu has found an interesting picture where Ko Soo looked at Ha Ji Won as she walked by. Wow, those pair of Ko Soo eyes, painted !! I hope Ha Ji Won will look at this picture.

There are things about Ha Ji Won that I believe why Ko Soo likes her. 
a. Cheerful, Ha Ji Wan has bright personality, she can bright up the shooting atmosphere where everybody was exhausted. This was what happened during filming "Secret Garden" and that's why she can get long very well with Hyun Bin.

b. Kind, Ha  Ji Won is very kind and understanding. That's what Jang Geun Seok said while he was filming Hwang Jin Yi. He said, "Ha Ji Won noona is kind and beautiful, she is a type of girl when we can do nothing but like her"

c. Professional, during filming Secret Garden, Ha ji Won who acted as a stunt woman, had hard time to take a rest. if she had some little time to rest , she would spent her time for roping. That's what writer of Secret Garden told the press. There was a moment also when a crew in Secret Garden caught her looking at herself in the mirror, he said that she was already beautiful but Ha Ji Won answered surprised him. "I didn't look at the mirror to see if I am beautiful or no, I want to make sure if my facial expression is fit with the scene" (at that time HJW should act in a car accident). The crew left in embarrass.

We will see how similar our Ko Soo and Ha Ji Won, they are both very professional and kind. They both never date their co star although both of them pairing with the most good looking actor and actress. They both don't date anyone since they broke up with their last relationship.
They both good model, not because they are only good looking but they know how to act in front of the camera. Here's some of Ha ji Won looks as model, once she put off her make up she's sure she can be another person.

But I was surprised with Ha Ji Won answered when it comes to a relationship. She said that she is a kind of woman who will just take a long rest from her acting world if her behalf ask her so. Woww...., Ko Soo ssie should you ask her to have a drink first?

Here's my last work of Ko Soo and Ha Ji Won.


  1. haha! thanks nonie you really make my day.. I want more more pls, really want it to happen ,YES!

  2. The support cast says she is sleepy when she arrived for fliming. Half asleep but once fliming starts she makes the atmosphere so lively thats why they love working with her.

  3. Gw dukung lu Non, just count me in! Really hope they'll be paired in one long lovely drama together. And those picts are really cutttee:D
    TIA, jkt

  4. Ooooooh those sweet memories , maybe in future or coming they might get a chance to work together we never know.When I look at Kosoo, I don't know how to explain the kind of feeling, though i like JIS, HB but is different.I always felt he is very kind in nature whoever marry him is a great blessing.Thanks nonie Love your artwork.

  5. i like it,,thanks 4 sharing..

  6. wow, this is great! at first i thought HB would really make a good pair for Ha Ji Won. But seeing how you've come up with this, i thought otherwise. It really should be Ko Soo. I just hope in the future, they could make a project together for everyone to watch and enjoy! :)