Friday, February 11, 2011

A war movie that is different from othe war movies

Translated by : ELSIE
Via : news.khan

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Filming of GOJIJEON will complete in end-February. About 75% of the film has been completed now and a summer release is planned.

There will be many war movies in 2011. How different is GOJIJEON from these other war movies? Director Jang’s reply was simplicity. The war wasn’t supposed to happen and that was made certain in the film. It will be a very different movie, said Director Jang confidently.

It was unfortunate that the bombardment of Yeonpyeong Island took place during the shooting of GOJIJEON. Did the crisis of an impending war affect the actors and crew? Director Jang replied that the actors and crew were worried whether it was alright to take the chance of doing a war movie in view of the crisis. Still, they were enthusiastic about the movie and thought that as long as it is possible to transmit the message, that will be good.

Filming in the mountain was tough. The actors had to go up the pathless mountain and then down again. It was not possible to take a roadway and they had to carry heavy equipment by hand.

Kim Ok Bin in "Hanoi Bride"

GOJIJEON is a “male movie”. But Kim Ok Bin, the only female cast in the film, took to the task happily.

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