Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Jo Min Soo: Ko Soo has grown beautifully

Translated by : ELSIE
via : news.naver

“I think Ko Soo has grown beautifully”, said Jo Min Soo at a press conference for SBS drama WISFC on 25th November 2009 at the Imperial Palace Hotel in Seoul.

Jo Min Soo continued, “We were in a previous drama “Piano” and he played my son. But during childhood, and then I died. When I first met Ko Soo, he was playing with the horizontal bar by himself on the set. I thought that was unusual. He is playing my son again in this drama. People around me told me that he has matured”.

“He must have been through a lot, but I think he has grown beautifully. He has been making an effort to lighten up the set”, smiled Jo Min Soo.

Ko Soo in "PIANO"
Explaining about her role, “I play the part of Cha Chun Hee. Her life has hit rock bottom, but she still loves life. The role has me worried as it has to be subtle, else it will look vulgar. But it was fun and I am happy doing the drama”.

Jo Min Soo feels that she’s like a newcomer. She loves the script written by Lee Kyun Hee and she has asked writer Lee whether her role is a hostile one.

WISFC is a melodrama about first love and meeting again after 10 years. Starring Ko Soo and Han Ye Seul, the drama will be broadcast from the 2nd of December.

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