Monday, February 7, 2011

Ko Soo and Ha Ji Won ; "The Competitors"

By : Nonie

Reading here and there, I've got to know more about Ha Ji Won. Our Ko Soo, as I mentioned always is not the only guy who takes Ha Ji Won as his ideal type

I thought Jang Geun Seok is the only guy who attract to Ha Ji Won beside our Ko Soo; but to my surprise there are three other guys who takes Ha Ji Won as his ideal type. 

A 2 PM's rapper Taecyeon, who currently acts in "Dream High" is Ha Ji Won's admire, he was interviewed few times and his answered is always the same " Ha ji Won is my ideal type". Both Jang Geun Seok and Taecyeon are Ha Ji Won's junior. They are far younger than her. Does it mean Ha ji Won is ideal type noona? Don't be in a hurry.

Jo Sang Wook ( Giant, My Wife Got Married) , in "Talk Show Taxi" has stated finally that he was into Ha Ji Won. Jo Sang Wook has the same age as Ko Soo. This is not an easy competitor Ko Soo Ssie ! (LOL).

Lee Sung Ji (Stranger Than Paradise, Daisy) is Ha Ji Won's senior, he is 41 years old and really wants to act with her. He thought that Ha Ji Won is a great actress and felt that he could act well with her.

Well tringle is understanding but five ? Ko Soo ssie , you need to work hard to get  Ha Ji Won's attention and you need more exercise since Ha Ji Won's ideal type is Park Ji Sung (Korean football player). Ha Ji Won like sporty guy......hmmm it seems our Ko Soo can fill this criteria . (LOL)

Here's my latest work of Ko Soo and Ha Ji Won, enjoy !

credit to soompi


  1. jo sang wook got awarded for best couple with Hb n hjw during SBS best couple award , think he got attracted to her fr there.You guys stand aside pls KO SOO IS THE BEST CHOICe!!!!Park ji sung is her favorite footballer Since long time ago.

  2. Nonie I am your supporter, we hv to pray make it real...OK!KS HJW!!

  3. wow...what a nice picture...i think they are look alike though...xixixi...

  4. Lots of photoshop here, in this topic, cuz some of the pics are from Secret Garden, played by Ha Ji Won and Hyun Bin, someone cut Hyun Bin's head and replaced by Koo Soo's one (pic 4 5 6 counted from the bottom)

  5. yes vivian they are all photoshop works, cause since 10 years ago they haven't had any works together. I hope one day they will work together again

  6. yes they look good together..i am looking forward also to see them onscreen.-jin from phil.

  7. me too i think ko soo is more lovable and he is faithful than hb.

  8. they look great together. ko soo and ha ji woon...