Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Is Ko Soo a professional melodrama actor?

It is said that Ko Soo, who has a strong image as a handsome melodrama actor, is now determined to search for his own ‘colour’. After appearing in numerous TV dramas, he now desires to break into movies.

Ko Soo has been in many tragic love stories. Even his debut movie which is an action thriller is actually based on a love story. PSYCHIC is an entirely different genre and it is through this film that he is able to transform himself as an actor.

Ko Soo: It is sad and painful doing a tragic love story. You have to carry this painful baggage with you in order to do a good job. But this time, it is about supernatural powers. Such materials are rare these days. How to express your feelings when you encounter supernatural powers which is not visible to the eye is a problem. How can I feel the power which is invisible?

Ko Soo made his debut 10 years ago. He commutes from TV to movies but is seen more as a drama actor on television rather than the big screen. However, his passion for movies has always been on his mind, even though he acted on stage as well as on television.

Ko Soo: I have been doing a lot of television in the past. But recently, I have a growing passion for movies. So I am adapting myself to working in movies now.

Actor Ko Soo who enjoys acting in a movie remembers the pleasurable process of fitting into a role. Fulfilling his passion for acting, he has started to look for his own ‘colour’.

Ko Soo: I would like to be an actor with one clear ‘colour

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