Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Actors jump in the outdoor brand competition as models

Bin, K2's first celebrity model chosen ... "to enhance the public image"

Article by TV Report
Translated by Wid Kosoo

Should they also wear the same cloth ? LOL

 K2 Outdoor Brand said that "Recently aired SBS drama 'Secret Garden' is flourishing, and we are selecting Mr. Hyun Bin as our advertising model for 6 months. He has signed an exclusive contract." This is the first time for K2 to select an artist for being their advertising model.

"Well, they traditionally selected the foreign models for their outdoor brand's image, but this year we adopt how actor Ko Soo as a model for his 'total outdoor brand' reinforces a more popular image,” he explained the background of Bin’s chosen.


Outdoor Brands are rapidly expanding domestic market, and a popular actor as their model is  strengthening the popular image. Currently Ko Soo takes an active role as a model for Merrel, as Lee Seung Gi for Collon Sport.

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