Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ko Soo's muffler

Actor Park Joon-hoon reported on his Twitter on the 25th, "13 actors including Ahn Seong-gi got together at my house last night and had the first New Year dinner together".
In Park Joong-hoon's house was Yoo Ji-tae, who didn't say much but smile, Kim Min-jong who was about to cry when he had to leave for a schedule, hung-over Kim Soo-ro, bright and cheerful Kong Hyeong-jin, Seol Kyeong-gu whom everyone likes because he's a genuine guy and more top class actors.
To Hwang Jeong-min who brought wine in a yellow bag, Park Joong-hoon said, "When he said, "Hey this wine!" with a clumsy face, it looked like it was bought in the black market".
He conveyed the contents of Hyeon Bin and Jang Dong-gun's conversation and said "A senior actor with dignity and a great junior actor". He wrapped up the report by saying, "We congratulated Jeong Joon-ho because he seems to be in love".
Jealousy was spread amongst fellow actors and actresses as the report expanded rapidly through Park Joong-hoon's Twitter.
Especially Uhm Jung-hwa seemed disappointed and said, "Why didn't you call us actresses?". Park Joong-hoon replied, "Next time I'll invite Only You as a female guest. We were a couple in the movie "Haeundae". We are special".
Meanwhile, looking for the owner of lost items, he sent out a mass text and the hat belonged to Cha Tae-hyeon and the muffler to Ko Soo.

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