Tuesday, February 1, 2011

10 most anticipated Korean films in 2011

Translated by : ELSIE

Though Jang Hun made his debut later than the three other ‘young guard’ directors, he has risen much faster than them, even though he has been taking the standard route. With an interesting script, two outstanding actors and the essential action scenes, Director Jang’s upcoming movie has firmly captured the expectations of audiences. GOJIJEON continues the trend of a duo movie. Against a backdrop of the complexities of war, the innermost feelings of the two men and the choices they have to make become increasingly intense, much like a bitter tug of war.

While there were many war movies in 2010 and in 2011, perhaps the fact that the script was written by Park Sang Yeon will enable GOJIJEON to stand out from the pile of past and upcoming war movies. It is almost conceivable that the selling point of GOJIJEON is not its magnificent scenes but the careful establishment of character relationships that has always been the characteristic of Director Jang’s work.

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