Saturday, December 4, 2010

Won Bin vs Ko Soo : Handsome Actors in Camera Ads

The Battle of Hotties in Sony and Olympus Camera  Ads

 For marketing the camera, Sony and Olympus took the handsome actors as their advertising models. Currently Sony has chosen actor Ko Soo as a spokeperson and model for their DSLR Alfa brand CF. Actor Won Bin Olympus started his activities as a model for Olympus December 2.

For the battle of skill, Ko Soo has a proficiency in a professional level as photographer. He majored in photography in college and a pro-level videographer.

Sony Korea official said, "Ko Soo’s unique and natural diverse of acting style, and his affection of this brand identity resembles NEX alpha point.”

Olympus as the recent new trends in emerging hybrid camera market with the power of `PEN`expected Won Bin to make an express intact.

Olympus official said, "In existing soft image of a strong charisma, plus the complex images of Mr. Won in his latest film is consistent with the Olympus camera."

In particular, the actor Won Bin is expected to stimulate the consumer appeal and great response from the camera market that described by the company's side.

Translated by : Wid Ko Soo via edaily

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