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Interview with Ko Soo – Part 1: Love from a fan is precious

Translated by : ELSIE

I met Ko Soo at a cafe' in Seoul amidst the bright autumn sunlight. Ko Soo, who appeared to have swollen eyes, greeted the writer with a bright smile. “I have sore eyes, so I won’t be able to have pictures taken today”, Ko Soo said regrettably. I asked about his health condition, but he straightened his back and said, “No, I’m good”, and then proceeded to prepare for the interview.

Looking at Ko Soo reminds me of the drinks commercial which he did 10 years ago about a youth dashing across town to bring his sweetheart home before her curfew time. That same youthful Ko Soo seems about to dash out from the television screen at any moment now. It is like he is using his body as a protection against detractors.

Ko Soo suddenly recited a line from a poem, “When it’s often seen, it’s lovely. When it’s being seen for a long time, it becomes precious love. In the same way as seeing you…” Just when I was wondering where have I heard this before, Ko Soo gave me the answer, “It’s from a poem “Flowering Plant”. It is precious and it is lovely to see fans too”.

A chair has been prepared for fans on the film set

When I praised Ko Soo for reciting a line from the lovely poem “Flowering Plant”, he seemed embarrassed, “The poem is short, so it is easy to remember. If it’s long, it will not be possible to remember”. However, he said, “It is true this is how I feel about fans”. As this was brought into the conversation, I asked him how was it possible to arouse the interest of fans. “It is the same as poetry. Fans may think it is difficult to approach me, but this is not the case. When I’m shooting a film, you can come visit me at the film set. If I see a fan, I will prepare a chair and welcome him or her”, replied Ko Soo.

What if the fan is stopped by a film crew when she visits the film set? Ko Soo laughed, “If I see her, it’s safe”. Ko Soo has emphasized many times in the interview, “Please do not say I am “natural” any more”. However, as we talked, it was apparent that Ko Soo “wasn’t natural” at all since it is “natural” for a performing artist not to show his true mind easily. Ko Soo is thus an unusual type of guy. “The people who think I am important are important to me. Up till now, I have not played the role of someone whom a teenager would love before. I would like to hear the opinion of the junior high as well as high school students as PSYCHIC is restricted to those aged 15 and above”. Through Ko Soo’s words, I could feel that he is no gloss on the surface but a real, truly sincere chap with a natural curiosity as to what people think of him professionally.

Interview with Ko Soo Part 2 - Love from a fan is precious

My acting is based on the sensitivity of an elderly man in the countryside

The production is unanimous that Ko Soo is 100% Gyu-nam. Ko Soo plays the role of the only person (Gyu-nam) who is not manipulated by Cho-in (Kang Dong Won)’s eyes. Why is Ko Soo the right man for the role? I am not saying that Ko Soo is the right man personally. But I kept thinking many times why was he not affected by the powers of the psychic? “The reason why he does not succumb to supernatural powers is not clearly explained in the movie. Gyu-nam is a man who is pure of heart. He doesn’t have a competitive spirit and only has a simple dream for the future. He is unselfish too. Only a warm, elderly person in the countryside can accept everything that comes his way. How to express that is a problem”, said Ko Soo. It is the production staff’s opinion that such an image fits Ko Soo well. However, Ko Soo was apprehensive, “Because I have been doing a lot of dark roles like in WISFC and WHITE NIGHT, these have an influence on my role as Gyu-nam who is a cheerful character. But it was a pleasant and enjoyable experience”.

I run with people at the neighborhood playground

It is not easy to keep a pure, handsome image as well as a glitzy facade for all to see. His professionalism as an actor is felt too. In WISFC, he stole the hearts of many female fans when he bared his torso in an unexpected shower scene. The “secret” to keeping a tight body is an extremely simple one, said Ko Soo, “The body should not get tired by digesting a lot of food. So it’s important to restrict your diet. And when I have the time, I exercise. When I am not filming, I exercise regularly. When I am busy like these days, I run through the school’s playground in the neighborhood”. So you may be able to see Ko-vid (Ko Soo + David (Michelangelo’s sculpture) running with the uncles in some neighborhood playground one of these days.

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