Friday, December 3, 2010

Ko Soo in Sony Short Movie

Do you want to see Ko Soo shoot the girl with...his camera ? The latest Sony CF's featured Ko Soo in "James Bond" like film.

The film started with Ko Soo voice in the background (it reminds me of his poems reading), and the camera focus on Ko Soo from a far. I love the setting of the film, I wonder if it was filming in Korea or in oversea instead, The building, Ko Soo suits and style somehow makes the film looks grand.

This is my favorite shoot, the antique building add to our hero the grand entrance, Ko Soo was here looking for someone. Camera shoot Ko Soo from the back....aww it's just too perfect that I can't find the fit word to explain this scene.

Well it seems Ko Soo enjoys so much doing action movie, remember what he did in "Green Rose" and recently in "Psychic" and next time in "Gojijeon". Waw...and now with this short movie...Perhaps next time he should be cast for the next "007 Agent" ?

At the end  I think it's better for you to watch the entire  CF, enjoy !

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