Wednesday, December 1, 2010

‘Psychic’ spent 5 million won for a fake Ko Soo

Translated by Wid Ko Soo

Psychic recently published an interesting picture of hidden still. The ‘closed-eyes’ Ko Soo stands beside the similar person. Wearing the same clothes, their face is difficult to distinguish. But the fact is, one of them is a dummy (dummy: a real size doll made for the film).

Ko Soo was willing to act in the bleeding situation but for more radical scenes he had no choice but to use a dummy.

(The text below the picture said about ‘fight in the alley’ scene when Ko Soo’s face had to hardly hit the wall)

Ko Soo said the dummy is a marvel. “I want to take it home,” he said, “When the cloth was covering the dummy and sit in the corner, it looks like a real person. The staff persons were affraid.” :D

“The price of fake Ko Soo’s ? 500 million won”

PD of 'Psychic' PD said, "This dummy of Ko Soo is 500 million won." Quite much of millions, but it’s a bunch cheaper. Dealing with human anatomy, etc. If you need more detailed screen, 10 million won in the dummy body is extremely expensive. Face of Ko Soo’s dummy was creating with a new plaster, the body was originally made by recycling pile. Similar size, but the actual figures, because plaster is heavier than you think. Special material, such as the skin material is in the wax plus hair or eyebrows, etc. make each of them delicately hand-planted. But after a certain time it is impossible to melt down because of the long-term preservation. 

But the dummy does not frighten all. Ko Soo said that the dummy "is so amazing." He did not take his eyes off it. Eyes closed, he was posing beside the dummy, and we were taking interesting pictures.

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