Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Ko Soo : “Enough of Ko-vid for now!”

Translated by Wid Ko Soo
Edited by Puppyiz

Ko Soo is identic to the clean eyes. The clear, pure and mysterious eyes. Today is 12 years since his debut, but he’s still an intriguing actor. There’s a lot of hidden charms that you want to learn.

The mysticism of Ko Soo made him received a lot of love since his debut year. He always arouses public curiosity. Prior to the opening of his recent movie 'Psychics', through the interviews with Asia Economy Sports Today exudes KoSoo's infinite hidden charms.  

“People  always wonder about ' Ko Soo'  the actor "

He is not just ordinary people. Look like an innocent guy, it always seems a dreamlike to imagine him as an  indecent image. He is serious, yet with offbeat charm and actually knows how to win your heart.

"When you try to explain about me,  you’ll use the word 'passionate' or 'pure'. You think that word suits me well. Conversely, it does not pure nor passionate. It’s more like 'no' rather than 'right' as you thought. My personality, as many of you think that I'm serious, yet I have the silly part.”

Ko Soo said that he tends to care too much. He doesn’t have a lot of privacy in public. Ecspecially when he is living in entertainment industry when ‘ he can’t learn to know anyone even when the relationship was born’. Ko Soo has his own method to keep 'what would be worth keeping' .

“I just want to keep quiet about precious thing. Celebrity life began to keep in mind as a dreamy thing, or anything like principle seems to be disappear after it was speaking out. I deliberately look for a place to hide. And I just hope there’s a clause for a curious public J. Too much attention would be a burden, constant curiousness occurs to the actor.


" Enough of ' Ko-Vid ' for now  ! "

The cast of Kang Dong Won and Ko Soo in ‘Psychic’ poured in a tribute as  'the world's most beautiful casts’. Female audiences chanted cheers to see the strong visual (appearance) of two actors. But Ko soo said, “I hope you want to see the non-visual side (character) of 'gyunam' in the film."

“I hope people will discontinue labelling me with  ' KoVid '. It is difficult for me to bear. Ko Soo as an actor doesn’t wish to be inflicted by any specific color.  One stark image that goes way beyond the pressure. Now 'Psychic' is showing so Gyunam needs your concern. I hope the person that you want to see is me (not Ko-Vid)."


Ko Soo missed the chatter, but he knows how to deliver the exact kind of ' 4-dimension eloquence' with his calmness.

“The feeling of burden due to the attentions and curiousities,  might bring hope to me ," he said.

For all his 12 years of practise,  perhaps this might be the reason for KoSoo in receiving this steady love.

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