Friday, December 10, 2010

Ko Soo : Our Agent Alpha 55

How is our agent Alpha 55 doing nowadays? He has been busy, of course as usual. Beside his "Gojijeo", he recently has interviewed with KBS, and looks as dashing as ever.

His latest poses with Sony, just make me want to say ; please make a real series of agent Alpha 55!
Ko Soo will extremely fit for this role, and I wonder how to see the 'womanizer' Ko Soo , it must be fun to see him in different role like this.

I really love the  picture above, the setting and lightening give an 'art' touch to the whole image, and 
Ko Soo pose just adding more beauty to the picture.

No matter how busy our agent is, he still has time to have a date with his 'dreamy girl friend', Gil Ra Im (read: Ha Ji Won) from 'Secret Garden". They even wear this matching jacket to pose (ha...ha..ha, thanks to Baidu to discover this interesting fact)

The feeling between our agent Alpha 55 (read : Ko Soo) and Gil Ra Im (read: Ha Ji Won) are mutual, cause when Ra Im miss her agent Alpha 55, she will look at his  'Hana Bank' billboard advertisement with her solemn look. Our stunt girl needs some encouragement before she jumps from the high building, and she needs Ko Soo (ha..ha...well fans sometime are really imaginative)

Picture : credit to Baidu and Hiromi

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  1. Thats so true fans are always imaginative, that makes it more interesting.