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Interview by Asiae
Translated by Wid Kosoo and Puppyiz

 “Here, this is the rip.” Ko Soo was pointing his finger at the wound he sustained while filming movie ‘Psychic’ . There lies a considerable visible state beneath the makeup, is a distinct trauma near the temple on the right eyebrow.  However this scar left a different meaning for this good looking actor who had been given the nickname ‘ Ko-Vid’ .  As if a small scratch had been left on a piece of classical painting, clearly visible it makes the movie even more worthy to watch. 

It may cause a tremble in work for one to fuss about a scar or two on a man’s face. In Ko Soo’s case, the cut was so deep that revealed his bones. Nevertheless, Ko Soo returned to the filming scene within a week despite the condition of his injury. 
Needless for words to describe over the distinct scar on his forehead.  A sign of aesthetic defect so to speak, but this time it is the evidence of the course as this actor continues to strive. Despite the injury Ko Soo is still a very handsome actor, but here the importance is ‘handsome’ rather than  ‘actor’.

An actor who claimed for shortcuts

Prior to classicism, metaphorically speaking, Ko Soo is truly handsome in the classic sense. The length of nose and chin including his large eyes all perfectly lined, his facial elements conforms mathematically to golden ratio aspects.  

Like all beautiful things, people want him to stay handsome, to keep those of pure beauty intact. Ko Soo has an innate beauty, and handsome actor is not free from this desire of the public. But the desire that Ko Soo wanted to accept instead of the body stuffs is about the identity he made as an actor.
His impressive appearance,  running & gasping in his debut Bacchus CF instantly inscribed him to the public. If you were acting, let’s ‘pretend’ that isn’t acting. Enrolled in the entertainment industry was just beginning, but most people really like the results he made and there is no way more reliable than that.

SBS drama ‘Piano’ led him to stardom and he tried to betray his image with the movie ‘Some’. The gap between them is so interesting. He is a ‘clear, understanding and concerned’ Jae Su in ’Piano’ to a totally different person with tattoo embodied Sung Joo, a ‘shouting bad language’ homicide detective. Jae Su is just like Yeong Ho in SBS drama ‘My Fair Lady’ who is a good, well-mannered person, where Ko Soo’s acting is most natural. 

However, nothing else to learn on the job. Ko soo was back to show his body and how to throw it every time. I was wacthing his acting as a tough guy in movie ‘Some’.  Instead, while in a fight scene he was fighting and roll kicking with several gangsters.  Becomes a  fugitive, he was jumping in cold water, ravaged by fate, engaging in gangster fights as expressed in SBS drama ‘Green Rose’. 
In short, Ko Soo is not a calculative actor. At some point he is not nearly smart but has willingness to learn.  He can choose to work with a well selected cast or less pain and more flaws, however he is not the kind of actor to display such techniques. In other words, he doesn’t have to find a shortcut. He just has to do his best to challenge himself. Before this, being a ‘handsome actor’ is important but it’s more important for being a ‘beautiful man’. 

He is far from macho when we watch him fearlessly smashing thing, feels like an unrefined male actor. Not everyone would have such an difficult advantage. However there is slight show of Ko Soo’s progress along the process. This is important.  In movie ‘Some’  we feel his anger when he grabs a reporter by his throat, compared to his unriped acting in Green Rose. The anger feels deeper so we can sense the state of unfairness he went through, when he grabbed Yu Ran by her throat (portrayed by Kim Seo Hyeong).

He defined his acting as “No one at that time to turn to”  and “naturally become closer to the character”. It was an extremely difficult process to complete the well-muscled, beautiful gloominess character of Yo Han with “doing all the activity at night and sleeping at daytime”  psychological discipline, the weight loss and subtle movements created through delicate exercises for the movie ‘White Night’ . And,  in SBS drama ‘Will it Snow for Christmas?’ a hardhearted, toughness and the combination of the cool acting is achieved with his previous experience.

Acting training and self-discipline for acting

But in his most recent movie ‘Psychic’ the interesting thing is that Ko Soo is not showing his advanced acting appearance. Hard laboring at the auto junkyard without losing his smile, his followers who are foreign workers are treating him warmly like brothers toward Gyu Nam, actually  is not significantly different compared to his figure as Jae Su, Yeong Ho, and Yong Hoon in SBS drama ‘Marry A Millionaire’. Instead, he is able to express himself in the best realm of the characters, that shows there no possible commercial in acting. 

His body was beaten and  wounded for 3 weeks, he can not be simulated with an idea or technique to the real spirit being pulled from the screen implementation. He looks like a superhero in the fight against the thing that scared him (a supernatural man), so a clear confrontation of man to man can be the reason why.

Of course, this puts a constant state of acting in his name, he had reached the level. But the world just find a little bit of his acting because they feel that his attitude is more beautiful indeed. Ko Soo took over one year to learn the discipline at Kyokushin Karate founded by the late Choi Yeong Eui. 'There is no chance to win. Ko Soo has thousand days to discipline himself, then he can be expected to win.’
The moment may be a tricky and easy way, but Ko Soo is not taking the shortest path.   Such as boxing and karate and martial arts training through the body and mind, he had to learn.  “I am able to control myself through acting, I’m very grateful," he should focus more on life as an actor. Train to act and disciplined himself to act. Again, Ko Soo is here for acting, we may be able to be sure of it. Instead, that’s the only way to be Ko Soo. That is important.

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