Thursday, December 9, 2010

Actor Ko Soo's fateful encounter ! Air of Alpha 55 New Ad !

Sony Inside Story 2010/12/08

Reported by Style Magazine
Translated by Wid Kosoo

The new ads of Alpha 55 were premiering November 26. Have you seen them? ^ - ^

Sony Alpha 55 and the ‘Psychic’ Ko Soo in behind the scenes stories of a dramatic meeting. Do you want to know? Here’s the hidden story!

The background of the shooting scene is reminiscent of the old-fashioned building.

Everytime the shooting scene was cutting, Ko Soo checks his appearance in the pictures.

In the middle of filming a TV commercial, there’s a photoshoot for magazine ad. And our video was taking an ineligible picture that showed a seriously appearance of Ko Soo. But it’s nice. He’s carrying the camera like special agent’s weapon.

Ko Soo as Mr. Alpha 55 is in the center of the spiral staircase to hold the rope.

All staffs are taking minutes to carefully check the equipment ^ - ^ Ko Soo has to slide down from the building's fifth floor by holding a rope so they have to make sure that everything’s secure enough to take action.

Staff is putting the thin wire to Ko Soo for his safetiness. Meanwhile, they’re discussing Ko Soo’s injury in ‘Psychic’.

An aggressive and fearless action from Mr. Ko Soo! He’s a real professional!

A moment of love at the first sight, his fateful encounter with ‘the one’.

Ko Soo’s excellent acting skills and charisma in this advertising is creating a dynamic movie scene.

Now, Ko Soo sees the lady and she starts running along the spiral staircase.

He can not miss even one of her movements and gestures! Alpha AF 55 with its 10 speed continuous shooting catches in!

After shooting, Mr. Ko Soo doesn’t forget to monitor his performance scrupulously.

Well, that’s the story behind the shooting of Alpha 55 ads and commercial videos. How was it?

It’s a great ad! Thanks to the hottie Ko Soo, and to many staff as well for their efforts.

We would like to ask a steady love and attention for a new Alpha 55 advertising campaign in the future, and we promise to share you the lattest news ! please look forward to it! ^ - ^

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And here's the video of Sony short film making, enjoy !

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